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Actuator Bellows Boots

Model:  ABB-4148

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Bellows boot for protecting the lifting screw from dust, dirt, moisture and corrosive contaminants.

We highly recommends the use of a bellows boot for most actuator applications.

We can provide bellows boots for the most stringent application requirement.


  • Protects the lifting screw from: dust, dirt, moisture, and corrosive contaminant's.
  • Helps maintain the proper lubrication.
  • Can be provided for all actuator screw end types and configurations.
  • Standard bellows boots are made of neoprene coated nylon with sewn construction.
  • Special bellows boots can be provided with a variety of materials for applications involving high temperatures, highly corrosive atmospheres, and other special conditions.
  • Bellows boots can also be provided from molded materials, with internal or external guides to prevent sagging, and with zippers for easy installation or removal.
Bellows Boots

Bellows Boots Dimensions

Bellows Boot Diagram
Actuator Capacity Shell Cap Diameter "A" Actuator Capacity Shell Cap Diameter "A"
1/4 Ton MS 2-1/4 1/2 Ton BS 2-1/4
1/2 Ton MS 2-1/4 1 Ton BS 2-3/4
1 Ton MS 2-3/4
2 Ton MS 3-1/2 2 Ton BS 3-1/2
3 Ton MS 3-9/16
5 Ton MS 4-1/2 3 Ton BS 3-1/2
10 Ton MS 5-1/4
15 Ton MS 5-5/8 5 Ton BS 5-3/8
20 Ton MS 6
25 Ton MS 7-1/2 10 Ton BS 4-1/2
35 Ton MS 7-7/8
50 Ton MS
11-1/4 20 Ton BS 7
75 Ton MS 13-1/4
100 Ton MS 10 25 Ton BS 8-7/8
150 Ton MS 10
250 Ton MS 16 50 Ton BS 9-1/2

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