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"SK10006-35" Programmable Digital Position Indicator

Model:  SK10006-35 / PDPI-4144

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Digital position indicator for use in precision positioning applications.

The Duff-Norton SK10006-35 Digital Position Indicator provides a high degree of accuracy and versatility when incorporated in machine or ball screw actuator systems.

Operating as a revolution counter, it is ideal for use in a wide range of precision positioning applications to indicate inches or millimeters of lifting screw travel.

Two built-in relays act as limit switches for travel limit control.

Start-up/shut-off, audio/visual warning, multiple actuator system sequencing or the initiation of subsequent operations may also be controlled.
Electrical connections are made at the rear of the unit to UL recognized terminal strips.

Clamp-type pressure plate terminals accept AWG-14 wire without lugs.


  • Five digit input scaling with 0.0000 to +/- 5.0000, programmable decimal point location and lead zero blanking.
  • Two adjustable up/down output limits with 0 to +/- 999999.
  • Non-volatile E2-PROM Memory retains all programmed information and count value in event of power interruption.
  • Input power requirement is 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Can be provided with optional 20 ma. current loop to provide capability of 2-way digital communication.
  • On-line self-test permits complete check of all functions and reset capability allows reset to zero from front panel.
  • Compact, die cast NEMA 4 rated front panel has six digit LED display with 0.56" high characters and negative sign (-). Display convertible to English, metric or other units of measurement.
  • Field Programmable front panel functions may be locked out to prevent unauthorized adjustment.
  • For use in precision positioning applications with Duff-Norton 2 ton and larger machine or ball screw actuators.
Programmable Digital Position Indicatior


Programmable Digital Position Indicator Dimensions

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