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Ring Kit Encoder

Model:  Ring Kit Encoder / RKE-4143

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Ring kit encoder with bi-directional shaft speed sensor.

The Ring Kit Encoder counts motor revolutions and is mounted between the C-face motor and motor mounting flange.

This mounting allows the actuator worm opposite the motor to be available for mounting a limit switch or driving another actuator.

With 60 pulses per motor revolution, the ring kit offers a high pulse count relative to actuator travel.

A small junction box with NPT opening is attached to the ring, allowing easy, protected electrical connections.

Available for all sizes of NEMA C flanges used on Duff- Norton actuators. Additional output types available.


Sensor Type - Bidirectional shaft speed sensor.

Pulse per Revolution - 60 cycles each channel.

Supply Voltage - +12 Volts DC +/-5%.

Supply Current - 60 mA typical (115 mA maximum).

Output Drive Capability - 250 mA per channel continuous.

Maximum Load - 50 ohms per channel.

Ring Kit Encoder


Ring Kit Encoder Dimensions

Ring Kit Encoder

Electrical Connections Diagram

Electrical Connections

Output Channels Diagram

Output Channels

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