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Stahl ST Electric Chain Hoist - Capacities from 125kg up to 6.3 tonnes

Model:  Stahl ST / SSEH-4522

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Stahl 400v 3ph electric hoists with a wide variety of options such as extra low headroom and atex certification.

The ST chain hoist programme ranks among the world’s most distinctive and extensive ranges on offer. Users, crane manufacturers and systems manufacturers appreciate the robust classic which proves itself in operation day for day. It is powerful, reliable and undemanding as regards maintenance and power consumption. The supervised series production of the standard components brings you economic advantages. And in conjunction with the precise manufacture of off-standard components, the ST chain hoist is an acknowledged top level quality product.

The modular system permits numerous combinations of the sub-assemblies to achieve your individual solutions.
The ST series from STAHL CraneSystems is available in 13 load capacity variants for the load capacity range from 125kg to 6,300kg. The chain hoists can be used as stationary models with suspension hook or eye, with rigid suspension or with a push trolley. Or when completed by an electric trolley they are mounted on standard cranes, off-standard cranes or in systems manufacture. The technical highlight which makes the ST chain hoist one of the safest around is the direct suspension on the patented solid cast iron chain guide. The load is supported at the point where it engages.

Various off-standard designs are available for use in particular conditions. Two constructions optimise the effective hook height of all chain hoist models if required. The headroom of the short-headroom trolley and the extra short headroom trolley is reduced Standard ST chain hoist with electric trolley by 33 % and over 60 % respectively. For exceptional requirements, our experts in the engineering department will develop suitable customised solutions. Even in explosive atmospheres you do not have to manage without the ST chain hoist. On request, nearly the entire chain hoist programme is available in explosion protected design for Zone 1, Zone 21 and Zone 22. It’s no coincidence that Stahl are market leader for explosion protected lifting technology and crane components.

The Facts

  • The most comprehensive chain hoist programme for the load capacity range from 125kg to 6,300kg
  • Patented suspension directly on chain guide
  • Equipped with two hoisting speeds as standard
  • Extremely short and compact construction ensures that space can be utilised to the maximum
  • High standard classification in accordance with FEM
  • Modern Kanban production, available fast
  • Available as an option in explosion protected design complying with ATEX and IECEx
Stahl St Electric Chain Hoist
Standard Headroom ST with Electric Trolley

Models and Suspension Options

Different construction types and trolley variants for the ST chain hoist open up the most varied applications in crane and systems manufacture. Individually tailored to your specific requirements as stationary hoist or for use with a trolley. The trolleys are equipped as standard with one travel speed, as an option the motors can be supplied with two travel speeds. But in this matter too we are open to your requirements. Our chain hoists are known worldwide for their flexible and versatile use. Compact dimensions and extremely short approach dimensions help to make optimum use of the production shop.

Stationary Suspension Options

The standard stationary ST chain hoist has hook suspension. However you can also choose eye suspension or rigid suspension.

The eye suspension is used when the stationary chain hoist is only rarely moved to a different location, while the low headroom permits long hook paths even in low-ceilinged rooms. If the ST chain hoist is to be permanently mounted, for example in systems manufacture, we recommend rigid suspension. Here too the extremely short headroom is of advantage. In addition, the rigid mounting prevents the chain hoist swinging on the trolley.

Hook Suspension
Hook Suspension
Eye Suspension
Eye Suspension
Rigid Suspension
Rigid Suspension

Stationary Foot Mounting

In order to utilise space optimally in low ceilinged rooms the ST chain hoist can be bolted from below onto a foot mounting.

St05 Stationary Mounting
ST05 Foot Mounting
St10 To St60 Stationary Mounting
ST10 - ST60 Foot Mounting - (View from Below)

Trolley Options

Push Trolley
Push Trolley
In standard version, the ST05 and ST 10 1/1 chain hoists are suspended by eye or hook from the smooth-running push trolleys. Rigid suspension of the chain hoist is possible on request. The push trolley does not affect the low headroom of the hoist. Optional wheel arresters make your workplace safer.
Due Articulated Trolley
DUE Articulating Trolley
The DUE articulated trolley is available for frequent travel around bends and narrow radii. Depending on radius of bend, runway flange width or application it is equipped with one or two travel motors. The lateral guide rollers cause minimum wear. The DUE articulated trolley is designed for load capacities up to 6,300kg.
Standard Headroom Electric Trolley
Standard Headroom Electric Trolley
Even with the smooth-running electric trolley the extremely short headroom permitting long hook paths is typical.
Short Headroom Electric Trolley
Short Headroom Electric Trolley
The smooth-running electric trolley can also be combined with the ST short headroom chain hoist, reducing the headroom by a further 33%.


Capacity (kg) FEM Rating (ISO) Lifting Speed (m/min) Model/Type Number of falls
Number Of Falls 1 Or 2
Motor Data
kW Duty Cycle (%ED) Operations/Hour (c/h)
125 3m (M6) 8/2 ST 0501-8/2 1/1 0.2/0.05 35/15 240/480
125 2m (M5) 16/4 ST 0501-16/4 1/1 0.4/0.1 35/15 120/240
250 1Am (M4) 8/2 ST 0502-8/2 1/1 0.4/0.1 35/15 120/240
500 1Am (M4) 4/1 ST 0502-8/2 2/1 0.4/0.1 35/15 120/240
500 1Am (M4) 8/2 ST 1005-8/2 1/1 0.8/0.2 40/20 120/240
1000 1Am (M4) 4/1 ST 1005-8/2 2/1 0.8/0.2 40/20 120/240
1000 2m (M5) 8/2 ST 2010-8/2 1/1 1.5/0.37 40/20 120/240
1600 1Bm (M3) 8/2 ST 3016-8/2 1/1 2.3/0.57 40/20 120/240
1600 2m (M5) 8/2 ST 3216-8/2 1/1 2.4/0.6 40/20 120/240
2000 1Am (M4) 4/1 ST 2010-8/2 2/1 1.5/0.37 40/20 120/240
2500 1Am (M4) 6.3/1.5 ST 5025-6/1 1/1 3.0/0.76 40/20 120/240
2500 1Am (M4) 8/2 ST 5025-8/2 1/1 3.8/0.9 33/17 100/200
3200 1Bm (M3) 4/1 ST 3016-8/2 2/1 2.3/0.57 40/20 120/240
3200 2m (M5) 4/1 ST 3216-8/2 2/1 2.4/0.6 40/20 120/240
5000 1Am (M4) 3.2/0.75 ST 5025-6/1 2/1 3.0/0.76 40/20 120/240
5000 1Am (M4) 4/1 ST 5025-8/2 2/1 3.8/0.9 33/17 100/200
6300 1Bm (M3) 3.2/0.75 ST 6032-6/1.5 2/1 3.8/0.9 33/17 100/200

Technical Specifications

Full technical datasheet for the Stahl ST range of electric chain hoists.
(approx. 5.6Mb)

Dimensional Specifications

(approx. 0.9Mb)
ST Operating Manual.pdf

Operating Instructions

(approx. 1.9Mb)

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