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Yale CPS Lightweight Electric Chain Hoist, 1Ph / 3Ph - 125kg or 250kg

Model:  Yale CPS / LCH1-1003

Yale Cps Electric Hoist Hol
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 Yale CPS Lightweight Electric Chain Hoist
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CM Shopstar / Yale Electric Chain Hoist, Top Hook Suspension, Lightweight, 110v, 230v or 400v - 1Ph or 3Ph.

125kg and 250kg capacity options available

The CPS electric chain hoist lifts loads upto 250kg - yet weighs from only 12kg.

With an M4 high duty rating, the rugged new CPS electric chain hoist keeps lifting and lifting - up to 240 motor starts per hour. It's easy to install and maintain making it ideal for jib and light crane systems.

The new model CPS is the smallest and lightest within the family of Yale electric chain hoists.Reliability and compact design make it ideal for numerous applications in the construction industry, service companies and many industrial areas for moving small and medium loads.

The CPS electric chain hoist is built to the highest standards (just like all Yale products) and offers unequalled levels of build quality and reliability. Our two year warranty, repair and full after-sales service will allow you to recommend this excellent new product with confidence.

Further information on selecting an electric chain hoist

Features and benefits include:

  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • IP54 as standard.
  • 48v Control voltage.
  • Overload protection device as standard.
  • 10-pocket oblique-lay lift wheel for smooth chain operation, constant chain speed and reduced chain wear.
  • Optional impact-resistant chain container.
  • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidising grease.
  • Alloy load chain for smooth operation and maximum life.
  • Thermally protected hoist duty motor.
  • Dual braking system - D.C. plus regenerative.
  • Rugged cast aluminium alloy hoist frame.
  • 5 : 1 factor of safety.
  • Small, compact design for commercial applications.
  • Rigid latch-style upper hook prevents tangling of power cord.
  • Hardened forged steel latch-style lower hook rotates 360°.
  • Totally enclosed non-ventilated hoist frame protects motor from environment contamination.
  • True vertical lift.
  • Precision bearings used in the hoist.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Designed and manufactured by Yale.
Yale CPS Lightweight Electric Hoist

More Information

  • Extremely low headroom.
  • Electromagnetic spring pressure brake holds the load safely even in the event of power failure.
  • Robust aluminium housing, powder coated.
  • Classification 1 Am resp. 1 Bm.
  • As required the model CPS (with appropriate changes to lifting capacity resp. duty cycle) can also be graded up to higher classifications.
  • Pendant control protected to IP 65 against ingression of dust and water.
  • The case hardened and zinc plated load chain has been specially adopted to the load sheave to avoid wear and increase operating safety.
  • In accordance with national and international standards.
  • Forged top and bottom hooks made from age resistant alloy steel. They open up in case of excessive load without fracture.
  • The top hook does not rotate in order to prevent the power cables from twisting. The bottom hook can rotate 360°.
  • Load Chain: 4 x 12.2mm

Optional Extras

  • Robust chain container.
  • Please contact our office for more information on the options below or 'add to quote' and specify your enquiry in the comments box.
  • Stainless steel load chain (no reduction of working load limit).
  • Festooned cable system.
  • Manual and powered trolleys with clevis or shackle to fit top hook suspended chain hoists.
  • Contactor control 48v.

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity (SWL) (kg) Power Supply Lifting Speed (m/min) ED Duty (%) **Weight (kg)
CPS 110/1-4 125kg 110v 1ph 50hz 4mpm 40 12
CPS 230/1-4 125kg 230v 1ph 50hz 4mpm 40 12
CPS 400/1-4 125kg 400v 3ph 50hz 4mpm 40 12
CPS 400/1-10 125kg 400v 3ph 50hz 10mpm 40 12
CPS 110/2-2 250kg 110v 1ph 50hz 2mpm 40 14
CPS 230/2-2 250kg 230v 1ph 50hz 2mpm 40 14
CPS 400/2-2 250kg 400v 3ph 50hz 2mpm 40 14
CPS 400/2-5 250kg 400v 3ph 50hz 5mpm 40 14
**Standard 3m HOL (Height of Lift)

Technical Dimensions

Rated Capacity a (mm) b (mm) c (mm) d (mm) e (mm) f (mm) g (mm) h (mm) j (mm) k (mm) l (mm) m (mm) n (mm)
125kg 14 103 21 22 159 98 276 53 75 76 225 150 375
250kg 14 103 21 22 159 98 304 53 60 89 225 150 375
Yale CPS Dimesional Drawing

LiftingSafety Review:
The Yale CPS range of electric chain hoists are the little brother to the lodestar hoists, little being the operative word as the 125kg version only weighs 12kg. If you are looking for a strongly built extremely lightweight electric chain hoist this may well be the hoist for you. The CPS is also made for Yale by Columbus McKinnon (CM) and has a worldwide reputation for quality and being reliable; in our opinion an excellent choice for heavy industrial use, contact us for a competitive quotation.
CPS_Operating Manual .pdf

Yale CPS Operating Manual

All users must read these operating instructions carefully prior to the initial operation. These instructions are intended to acquaint the user with the product and enable him to use it to the full extent of its intended capabilities. The operating instructions contain important information on how to handle the product in a safe, correct and economic way. Acting in accordance with these instructions helps to avoid dangers, reduce repair cost and down time and to increase the reliability and lifetime of the product. Apart from the operating instructions and the accident prevention act valid for the respective country and area where the product is used, also the commonly accepted regulations for safe and professional work must be adhered to. The sound level intensity in the operators working area is below 73 dB. The sound was measured during normal working conditions at a distance of one meter from the hoist at nine positions, precision class 2 according to DIN 45635.
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00740025 CPS 400V.PDF

Wiring Diagram

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