Kito Electric Chain Hoists from 60kg to 20 tonnes

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Kito electric chain hoists are regarded as excellent quality the world over, truly top level electric hoists, discounts avaliable, ask for details.

Kito electric hoists and trolley hoist combinations are available from 60kg up to 20000kg with a wide range of customisations also available. Within the lifting equipment industry it is generally accepted that Kito electric hoists are probably the best quality available, with a wide range of styles and options a Kito hoist can be supplied to suit almost any application and environment.The Kito collection of hoists really are a superb quality range and are designed for heavy duty industrial use, they are more specialized and probably better quality than most electric hoisting units presently available, though if you want the best, please expect them to be a little more costly.

Kito electric chain hoists are made in Japan, they are superb quality and are also designed for heavy duty industrial use. The Kito range is more specialized than the Yale’s electric hoists; and generally slightly more expensive.

  • Kito SHERM series of electric chain hoists offer ultra low headroom electric hoists and the TWERM range are twin hook electric chain hoists designed for a dual lift controlled by a single hoist.
  • The 3 Ph Kito range of hoists offer alternative lifting speeds and duty cycles for varied lifting applications.
  • Kito’s single phase electric chain hoists are only available powered by 230v though a unique feature is that they can be supplied as dual speed lift (2 speed). Though the EDIII, 1Ph hoist is manufactured as 110V it is not yet CE certified and cannot be supplied to customers in the EU.
Kito Electric Chain Hoists from 60kg to 20 tonnes

Top of the range, Corrosion Resistant Load Chain, Electromagnetic Breaking, Single and Dual Lifting Speed, Push, Geared and Powered Trolleys

The New Kito "ER2 Series" Electric Chain Hoist further builds upon Kito's previous ER Series, seeking improved ease of use and superb working efficiency. To ensure safety, The hoist utilises a "double safety" mechanism that consists of a unique Friction Clutch and Upper-Lower limit switch. The control system features a fresh push-button interface and can easily be used for hours on end.

Various Options for this product are available in the form of: Hook Suspended, Push Travel Trolley, Geared Travel Trolley, Motorised Trolley, Multiple Lifting Speeds, Multiple Traversing Speeds

Lightweight Single Phase Electric Hoist, Single/Dual Speed or Cylinder Lift, AC230v-50Hz. Features of this Electric Hoist

Runs on 230v AC power supply, single phase, compact to minimise headroom, lightweight, 100kg type weighs just 11.5kg with high performance mechanical brake. High strength load chain is electro-plated with nickel for rust and wear resistance.

Kito Cylinder Type Lightweight Electric Hoist - Dual Lifting Speed.

Kito "EDC Series" Electric Chain Hoists are engineered for lightweight, fast lifting with the option to adjust the low speed. These Electric Chain Hoists are incredibly portable, they feature advanced hoist technology, are easy to service, and are built with industry-leading quality.

Kito Electric Hoist with Inverter, Overload Limiter, Friction Clutch, Corrosion Resistant load chain

The Kito "EQ Series" Electric Chain Hoist is equipped with an Inverter which can change the control between mechanical and electrical, whilst keeping its conventional rigidity and high functions.

In addition to the safety functions such as the Overload Limiter, Friction Clutch and Upper-Lower limit switch, Push Buttons have been redesigned to allow prolonged use with ease.

Ultra Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist.
Twin Hook Electric Hoist with Hook Suspension or Motorised Combined Trolley.
Heavy duty rated electric hoist, a revolutionary 220v unmatched single phase hoist.

The Kito SNER electric chain hoists are built for extreme duty applications which require a single phase power supply. Maintenance friendly features include a unique chain guide, hinged control panel, sealed housing and durable load sheave.

Options available: Custom lift lengths to suit your requirements, chain bag to keep chain clean and out of the way, plain or geared trolley mount for improved load control.

Kito ER Single Lift Speed Electric Chain Hoist. Options on Kito Electric Hoist: Model, Additional Height of Lift per Metre (3mtr as Std).

Available in sizes 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and 5000kg.

Dual Lift Speed Electric Chain Hoist.

Options on Kito Electric Hoist: Model, additional height of lift per metre (3mtr as Std), upper/lower limit switch, emergency stop, counter/hour meter, thermal protector.

Available in sizes 125kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg and 5000kg.

We also offer Kito Lever Hoists and Kito Hand Chain Hoists, all of which are of the best quality and follow the norm of liftingsafety, which means the price is always very competitive.

It's not only Kito electric hoists that we can offer, so if you cannot find something that you are looking for in here, then possibly something else in our extensive electric chain hoist collection may prove suitable to your requirements.

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