Kito Lever Hoists, Ratchet Lever Hoists / Pull-Lifts

Quick Ref: CN-1446

Kito refers to their ratchet lever hoists as the Kito Lever Block Hoists! The range includes the LB Series and the LX series. These are truly top of the range lever hoists and as such a premium product please expect the cost to be a little more that lesser quality product ranges.  The LB  hoist range have free chain adjusting mechanism that greatly improves the working efficiency and are fitted with Grade 10 (100) load chain. These are very tough, durable ratchet lever hoist!  The LX Series Lever Hoists are KITO's compact size pull lift.

Kito Lever Hoists, Ratchet Lever Hoists / Pull-Lifts

Hand lever Hoist, an extremely compact, lightweight, portable design for ease of use in elevated work positions.

Kito lever blocks in two capacities. They are extremely compact and light which makes these LX series hoist are suitable for work in tight quarters or elevated locations. The grade 100(1000N/mm2) chain, made from special high strength alloy, features an unbeatable combination of toughness and resistance to corrosion & wear. Available in 250kg and 500kg.

Kito hand operated lever hoists with nickel plated chain and pressed steel body.

Kito's innovative technology makes this new model smaller and lighter than ever before. The L5LBO is easy to carry and store, and the LEVER BLOCK is much easier to use, even in a narrow working spaces. Bottom Yoke with protecting guard Features a guard protecting the chain pin & nut from damage, enhancing safety. For special environments please get in contact with us, since corrosion resistance varies depending on the corrosives gases or substances that are involved.

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