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Kito "EDC Series" Lightweight Electric Manipulator / Tube Chain Hoist - Range 60kg to 240kg

Model:  EDCxxSD / KSLE-4186
Manufacturing Standard: EN818-7

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Kito Cylinder Type Lightweight Electric Hoist - Dual Lifting Speed.

EDC Electric Hoist

Kito "EDC Series" Electric Chain Hoists are engineered for lightweight, fast lifting with the option to adjust the low speed.

These Electric Chain Hoists are incredibly portable, they feature advanced hoist technology, are easy to service, and are built with industry-leading quality.


  • Load-bearing parts are only stressed to 20% of their limit at rated capacity
  • Plated chain for corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistant, case-hardened load chain is made from heat-treated alloy steel for high, uniform strength
  • Forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load
  • Compact and lightweight design is ideal for use in close quarters – small enough to be portable
  • Forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load
  • Double braking system includes both mechanical and regenerative brakes for added safety
  • Spur gears immersed in oil bath ensure quiet, smooth operation and long life
  • Unique chain guide design for smooth chain travel
  • Tested to 125% of rated capacity
  • Slip clutch protects the hoist against over travel and overload damage
  • 360° swivel bottom hook with built-in bearing, for easy positioning
  • Weathertight construction resists dust and water
  • Variable high speeds up to 44 ft/min – use the best lift speed for the job
  • Low voltage pendant control for your safety


  • CSA Electrical Certification
  • ASME B30.16 Safety Standard
  • ASME HST-1 Performance Standard
  • Grade 80, Case Hardened Chain
  • IP44 Environmental Protection
  • DC Motor Type


Model Capacity Range Power Supply Contol Voltage Operation Type
EDCxxSD 60kg to 240kg Single Phase AC 230V/50Hz Direct Control Cylinder type - Dual Speed

Detailed Technical Information

EDC Dimensional Drawing
Power Supply
Dual cylinder type (EDC-XXSD)
Model (Prefix EDC-)
06SD 10SD 18SD 16SD 24SD
Rated Load (kg) 60
180 160 240
Motor Out-Put (W) 300
Time rating (min) 15(20)
Intermittent Duty % ED 30 20 30
Max. Start Frequency (times per hour)
180 120
Rated Current (A)
120V 5 6 10
240V 3 5
Lifting Speed (m/min)
High 21 13 8 20 13.5
Low - - - - -
Standard Lift (m) 1.8
Push Button Cord Length (L)(m) -
Load Chain Diameter (mm) 4
Mass (net weight)(kg) 14.5(15)* 18.5(19)*
Min. Distance between Hooks (C)(mm) 945 960
Dimensions (mm) a
371(364) 428
d 187 205
e 184(177) 223
f 205 219
h 125 135
i 80 84
g 25
j 25
k 340 362
m 92
n 73

Trolley Specifications

Beam Trolley
Beam Width Beam Range
Min. Radius Weight (kg)
50 to 100mm 94 to 144mm 600mm 1.9kg

EDC Specifications

Full EDC Specification Sheet
(approx. 1.2Mb)

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