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Kito "EQ Series" Lightweight, Normal Duty Electric Chain Hoist - Range 125kg to 1000kg

Model:  EQxxxIS / KSCR-4187
Manufacturing Standard: EN818-7

Height of Lift (m)
(min:3) (3 included in price)
Control Length (m)
(min:2.5) (2.5 included in price)

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Kito Electric Hoist with Inverter, Overload Limiter, Friction Clutch, Corrosion Resistant load chain

Eq Electric Hoist

The Kito "EQ Series" Electric Chain Hoist is equipped with an Inverter which can change the control between mechanical and electrical, whilst keeping its conventional rigidity and high functions.

In addition to the safety functions such as the Overload Limiter, Friction Clutch and Upper-Lower limit switch, Push Buttons have been redesigned to allow prolonged use with ease.


  • Dual Speed Inverter inhibits vibrations of the load.
  • "No-Load High-Speed Function" allows a no-load operating speed 1.3 times faster than high-speed operation
  • Rich functionality ranging from easy handling to higher work efficiency.
  • Electronic Overload Limiter.
  • Friction Clutch (Mechanical overload preventive device).
  • Upper-Lower limit switch.
  • Reduced number of parts
  • Reduced Maintenance requirements.
  • Unique new push button design.

Standard configuration

  • Frequency inverter
  • 380 - 460 V / 3 phase
  • Overload protection via frequency inverter
  • Counter hour meter
  • Upper - lower limit switch
  • Pull-rotor motor brake
  • Nickel plated load chain class DAT (G80) Norm EN 818-7
  • Plastic chain container
  • Ergonomic push button control
  • Control voltage 24 V DC
  • Aluminium die-cast body
  • High duty rating FEM 3m /ISO M6 rating through 500 Kg

Technical Specifications

Eq Electic Hoist Side
Eq Electic Hoist Small
Capacity Model Standard Lift Standard Push Button Length Lifting Speed (m/min) Motor Output Intermittent Rating Estimated Mass (3m Lift)
High Low Noload Highspeed
125kg EQ001IS 3m 2.5m 17.0 2.8 22.1 0.5kW 40/20%ED 30kg
250kg EQ003IS 10.0 1.7 13.0
500kg EQ005IS 7.6 1.3 9.9 0.75kW 32kg
1,000kg EQ010IS 7.1 1.2 9.2 1.5kW 4.2kg

"EQM Series" (with Motorised Trolley)

Capacity Model Traversing Motor Traversing Speed (m/min) Flange Width (mm) Min. Radius Curve (mm) Image
Output (kW) Rating (%ED)   50hz Standard Option
High Low
125kg EQM1001IS-IS 0.4 27/13 Standard 24 4 58 to 163 164 to 305 800
Eqm Electic Hoist Trolley
250kg EQM1003IS-IS
500kg EQM1005IS-IS
1,000kg EQM1010IS-IS

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