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Quick Release Manhole Pipe Lifting Pins - 750kg to 2000kg SWL (per pin)

Model:  QRMP-4404

Part N° Pin Dia. Safe Working Load Max Wall Thickness Pins Sold Individually Guide Price Quantity
4404-T22933 25mm 750kg 120mm Yes (not in pairs etc.) £  65.00
4404-T22934 32mm 1000kg 150mm Yes (not in pairs etc.) £  67.50
4404-T22935 35mm 1500kg 170mm Yes (not in pairs etc.) £  71.00
4404-T22936 38mm 2000kg 200mm Yes (not in pairs etc.) £  76.00
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Specially designed pins for the lifting of man-hole pipes. 25mm, 32mm, 35mm or 38mm Diameters available.

Lifting Pin Diagram

The safe way for lifting, positioning and handling of manhole pipes and chambers.

Our manhole lifting pins have been proof loaded and are approved for use with sling angles between o and 60 degrees.

The unique and patented deisgn enables ground workers to easily and effeciently complete the installation with the need for additional tools.

Warning: Must not be used singularly.

  • Designed specifically to speed up lifting operations where manhole pipes are involved.
  • Safe and simple to use.
  • No threads needing protection or nuts to safe guard.
  • 4 standard sizes are available.

Sizes Available (Specials available upon request.)

  • 25mm dia - 750kg SWL (per pin) - Max Pipe Wall Thickess 120mm
  • 32mm dia - 1000kg SWL (per pin) - Max Pipe Wall Thickess 150mm
  • 35mm dia - 1500kg SWL (per pin) - Max Pipe Wall Thickess 170mm
  • 38mm dia - 2000kg SWL (per pin) - Max Pipe Wall Thickess 200mm

Warning: Shock loads can be more than twice the static load. Exceeding the SWL could result in failure of the lifting pin.

Shown below are the lifting pins being used as a pair to lift and position a smaller manhole chamber. Lifting pins can be used in sets of three (also shown below) or four for larger and heavier manhole chambers.

Lifting Pin In UseMan Hole Lifting Pin Usage Diagram

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