Miller Guided Fall Arrestors For Synthetic and Steel Wire Rope

Quick Ref: CN-1586


Miller MicroLoc Automatic Rope Grab for use with 14mm & 16mm Rope.

Miller MF00 Automatic Guided Fall Arrester Rope Grab is a long-lasting, lightweight and reliable automatic rope grab for retrofitting onto existing ladder systems, ideal for harsh environments. Can be used with a 14mm and 16mm rope. They are lightweight and reliable and made from stainless steel. The grab immediately stops the fall.

Manual Rope Grab for use with 14mm & 16mm Rope.

Miller MF50 Manual Guided Fall Arrester Rope Grab is only available for use with 14mm and 16mm rope.

Miller Quality Automatic Rope Grab with Manual Mode For Restraint. For Vertical & Horizontal Use to EN353-2.

Miller MF52 Auto/Man Rope Grab is suitable for vertical, horizontal and sloping rope grab where the user locks the grab on the rope for restraint purposes, and repositions it manually along rope. Available for 10-12mm or 14-16mm. MF52 supplied complete with 0.3m lanyard and connector.

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