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Soll "Xenon" Permanent Installation Horizontal Single Wire Line Fall Arrest Lifeline System

Model:  Xenon / SLLS-2661

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Horizontal Cable-based Fall Arrest Anchorage Device.

Safe protection against falls

The Xenon Horizontal Lifeline is an anchorage device incorporating a flexible wire rope. The principal components of the system are; shuttles, shock
absorbers, intermediate anchors and end anchors. The Xenon Horizontal Lifeline can provide the perfect safety solution for installation, maintenance and cleaning at height. It can be used; in industrial plants, on roofs, on cranes and over vehicles.

Tested and certified

The Xenon anchorage device from Söll has been tested by an independent EU Notified Body, it is CE-certified and complies with the requirements of EN 795.
A range of versatile and high-quality stainless steel components makes installation and inspection of systems simple and cost-effective.

Xenon horizontal cable based anchorage device


Shock absorber

Shock Absorber

The new shock absorber has 4 essential functions in one unit, these are; a shock absorber, a line tensioner, a tension indicator and a fall indicator. Thanks to the new ‘Structure Guard’ technology loads applied to system anchor points can be reduced to 6.5 kN (1462 lbs.).

Stainless steel wire rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

The stainless steel wire has a diameter of 8 mm. It is certified for use by up to 4 persons and for spans up to 15 m. Other cable types can allow use by up to 7 persons and spans up to 20 m.



High-strength, robust and ergonomically designed, with a dual locking mechanism. Smooth passage through brackets without the need for alignment or adjustment by the user. Extra-wide eye for safe attachment of all types of connectors compliant with EN355 & EN 360.

Features Cont...

Intermediate Brackets

Intermediate Brackets

Smooth movement of the shuttle is guaranteed by Xenon intermediate brackets. Brackets can be assembled on a fi tted cable allowing easy replacement.

Corner Kits

Corner Kits

Exceptional adaptability and easy cable installation. Can be fixed to internal and external corners, and to double-point or single-point posts. Pre-formed and site adjustable units are available.

Cable End Parts

Cable end parts

Swaged and swageless options are available for all end parts. Allows choice of lower cost components using a swaging press, or quicker installation with standard hand tools.

Xenon - areas of application

Overhead applications

Common areas of application include; vehicle bays, crane tracks, warehouses and aircraft hangars.

How can you provide protection against falls with maximum freedom of movement?

The Xenon Horizontal Lifeline can be fixed above the user’s work location.

The shuttle will move along the cable above the worker, minimising any pendulum swing during a fall.
A rope and grab system or automatic retractable fall arrester can be attached to the shuttle to provide a safe range of both vertical and horizontal movement.

Combine horizontal and vertical systems!

Where the system has large spans or a heavy retractable fall arrester is used for very high systems, then the over-head shuttle can be used. The overhead shuttle has wheels that run on the cable and (when combined with the overhead intermediate bracket) allows smooth continuous passage along the full length of the cable.

Installation for walls and masonry

The Xenon fall protection system can be installed on most walls or facades using appropriate structural fi xings. The versatile range of end anchors, corners and intermediate brackets always allow for an appropriate bespoke system layout.
Using shock absorbers with Structure-Guard-Technology, loads are minimised allowing the Xenon system to be installed on to weak substrates, such as aluminium profi les or masonry.

Installation on masonry and walls

Installation on roofs

Carrying out regular maintenance activities on ventilation systems, lights or windows require protection systems due to the signifi cant risk of a fall. Xenon can be confi gured as either a fall restraint system or a fall arrest system. When using a fall restraint system, the user is restrained and can work only in the zones where there is no risk of falling. A fall arrest system does not prevent a fall, but arrests the fall in a controlled manner. Selecting the appropriate roof posts enables simple and cost-effective installation on different types of


Installation on roofs

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