Soll Permanently Installed Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Quick Ref: CN-1626
Soll Permanently Installed Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

Soll GlideLoc system can be supplied galvanised or stainless steel, heavy duty and robust construction. The SLAS Safe Climbing system includes fall protection ladders, guide rails, and guided type fall arresters. System accessories such as entry and exit devices, roof ascent or shaft entry equipment make it possible to design a system that is not only appropriate for the structure of the building or installation, but which also satisfies the very highest safety requirements. These fall protection and anchorage devices are used in telecommunications, radio and TV masts, construction, power supply and hydroelectric installations, wind power facilities, chimney and industrial plants, buildings and facades, petrochemical plants, on-shore and off-shore oil rigs, shipbuilding, crane installations, shafts and manholes, aircraft hangars, loading/unloading of trains and vehicles.
Vertical Wire Rope Lifeline Permanently Installed Suitable For End User Installation. Soll Vi-Go Vertical Wire Rope Lifeline Soll Vi-Go is a fall protection system that can be retrofitted onto existing climbing devices such as ladders or rungs used in wind turbine, power supply, telecommunication or other industry. It is basically made up of a steel rope or cable (three different types), fastening elements and a revolutionary guided-type fall arrester. We can provide this product for a competent user to install them, thus greatly reducing costs.

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