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Protecta "AM210" Bolt-On Stainless Steel Anchorage Plate, 15kN Strength

Model:  AM210 / AP-2968

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Protecta AM210 Bolt-On Stainless Steel Anchorage Plate
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Anchorage Plate.

Anchorage point for connection to a suitable and strong enough support structure to create a fall arrest anchorage point, restraint anchorage point or for performing a rescue of a casualty having fallen when working at height.

  • This is a permanent anchorage point on structure, minimum structure strength: 10 KN
  • material stainless steel, thickness : 3,5 mm
  • attachment by bolts 12 mm dia
  • tensile strength 15 KN
  • Unit strength 15 KN
  • Each item net weight 45 g
  • Conforms with standard EN 795 Class B
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