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Tractel "Ballsafe" Removable Fall Arrest Eye Anchor Point Eye Bolt.

Model:  Tractel Ballsafe / REB-2205

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Tractel Removeable Eye Bolt. Conforms to EN795

The BALLSAFE anchoring point or ball pin is an anchoring point provided to the user, It can connect to the anchoring sleeve by manually applying pressure to the ball unlocking system.


Tractel Ballsafe Removable Fall Arrest Eye Bolt Anchorage Point
  • The Ballsafe anchoring point is designed for discrete, esthetic installation on architectural structures.
  • It is also used on sites where the anchoring point must be mobile so that it does not interfere with operation of machines.
  • The Ballsafe anchoring point is formed by two main components: The peg or female sleeve : this is installed permanently in the structure.
  • It can be used sealed in concrete, or sandwiched in a metal structure.
  • Once in place, the sleeve is discrete and cannot be used without a Ballsafe anchoring point.
  • This device is easy to use and allows the user to easily move and connect with no difficulty.
  • The female sleeve is simple and fast to install, No special tool is required.
  • The sleeve is simple to test before it is put into use by means of a Dynaplug dynamometer set for 500kg for 15 seconds.
  • The Ballsafe is approved per EN795 class A for the sleeve and per EN795 class B for the ball pin.
  • The ball pin is supplied with a plastic sealing cover protecting the system from water and soiling.

Technical characteristics

Female sleeve

Installation in solid structure

  • The sleeve must be installed in a structure capable of withstanding a force of 1T.
  • The sleeve must be secured by a chemically sealed dowel satisfying the specification requirements.
  • The minimum size of the support must be 170 mm.
  • The sleeve must never be installed at less than 85 mm from the edge of the structure.
  • The sleeve must never protrude by more than 30 mm from the surface of the drilling plane.
  • Dowel dimensions: M22 x100
  • Drilling dimensions: Ø30 x 105
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight: 210 g

Installation in steel structures

  • Drilling dimensions : Ø30
  • Minimum thickness of support : 10 mm

Ball Pin / Block Plug / Eye Bolt

  • Material : stainless steel body, anchor rings made of bichromate steel
  • Weight : 230 g
Ballsafe Diagram

Ballsafe Data Sheet

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