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Pullmaster PL Range Marine Use Hydraulic Wire Rope Winch for Lifting and pulling Applications - Range from 498kg to 3175kg

Model:  MEW-1178

Part N° Bare Drum Lifting Capacity Bare Drum Line Speed Full Drum Lifting Capacity Full Drum Line Speed Drum Capacity Guide Price Quantity
1178-T14060 1100lb / 499kg 78fpm / 24m/min 821lb / 372kg 104fpm / 32m/min 87ft / 27m Quote Required
1178-T14061 2204lb / 1000kg 83fpm / 25m/min 1633lb / 740kg 111fpm / 34m/min 122ft / 37m Quote Required
1178-T14062 1285lb / 583kg 142fpm / 43m/min 952lb / 432kg 189fpm / 58m/min 122ft / 37m Quote Required
1178-T14063 5000lb / 2268kg 60fpm / 18m/min 3698lb / 1677kg 82fpm / 25m/min 110ft / 34m Quote Required
1178-T14064 4500lb / 2041kg 135fpm / 41m/min 3328lb / 1509kg 183fpm / 56m/min 110ft / 34m Quote Required
1178-T14065 4000lb / 1814kg 72fpm / 22m/min 3098lb / 1405kg 92fpm / 28m/min 110ft / 34m Quote Required
1178-T14066 2000lb / 907kg 142fpm / 43m/min 1479lb / 670kg 191fpm / 58m/min 110ft / 34m Quote Required
1178-T14067 7000lb / 3175kg 122fpm / 37m/min 5202lb / 2360kg 164fpm / 50m/min 196ft / 60m Quote Required
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Hydraulic Lifting Winch for Marine Environment. Up to 60 metre rope length.

  • 500kg and 1000kg hammer weight lifting capacities available
  • Long service life
  • Compact design - totally enclosed
  • Can be used for raising and lowering a load when FREE-FALL is not activated
  • Automatic multi disc brake
  • High speed operation
  • Built to operate in marine environment

Normal Operation

  • The winch is set to permanent lift mode.
  • When the hammer reaches required height above pile it is released using manual or electric control valve.
  • Maximum operating pressure 155 Bar.
  • Free fall clutch release 52 Bar.
Marine Lifting Winch X3 Examples

Marine Lifting Winch Example in Use

Technical Information Specifications (WMPL5 - Other drawings on request).

Marine winch wmpld 5 specs

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