Pullmaster Hydraulic Pulling and Lifting Wire Rope Winches & Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1720
Pullmaster Hydraulic Pulling and Lifting Wire Rope Winches & Hoists

Hydraulic pulling winch specifically designed for marine environment applications. 63 metre rope length.

This machine is of the very highest quality, built to operate in a marine environment. Recommended for use when very long life and virtually no maintenance is required. Also designed for pulling and lifting, typical applications include Rescue, Military and Utility Vehicles.

Features: 5000kg of line pull; Fast line speeds; Fail safe multi disc brake; Manual freespool clutch; All seals in stainless steel sleeves; Rope secured with anchor wedge

Hydraulic Lifting Winch for Marine Environment. Up to 60 metre rope length. This particular winch can also be commonly referred to as a freefall winch and is specifically designed for use in a marine environment. Hammer weight lifting capacities available are 500kg and 1000kg. One of the main features of this winch is a long service life, due to the rugged, compact and enclosed design. It also features an automatic multi disc brake and high speed operation, plus it can be used for raising and lowering when not in freefall mode.

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