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Aluminium Fall Arrest Eye Bolt or Fall Restraint Anchor Point in Several Colours

Model:  AEAP-2204

Aluminium Anchor
Grey Anchor
Black Anchor
Red Anchor
Aluminium PA Anchor Grey PA Anchor Black PA Anchor Red PA Anchor
Part N° Colour Painted Guide Price Quantity
PA 064488
Alu No £  16.96
PA 064458
Grey Yes £  23.32
PA 064448
Black Yes £  23.32
PA 064438
Red Yes £  23.32
PA 064478
White - Currently Unavailable Yes Quote Required
PA 064468
Yellow Yes £  23.96
Pricing Currency: Not available at the moment. Add To Quote Request   ?  

Corrosion resistant fall arrest eyebolts made from aluminium also known as a restraint eye bolt or a fall arrest anchor point. Conforms to EN795

Fall Arrest Anchor Point

These fall arrest eyebolts are designed to be an anchorage point for the user working at height to be connected to with a suitable fall arrest lanyard or other connecting device. They are certified to EN795 and come in a choice of different colours. The fall arrest anchorage points are supplied complete with the manufacturers installation and testing instructions. We offer a hire service for the testing equipment, contact our sales office for further information.

The suitability of the supporting structure to which the eye bolt is connected remains the responsibility of the user (competent person) and or verified by a suitably qualified professional engineer.

Eyebolt Features

  • Aluminium anchor point, (corrosion resistant)
  • Unpainted or painted designs (to blend in with architecture)
  • Secured with two x M12 bolts at 100mm intervals (spacings)
  • Can be used for fall arrest or fall restraint when working at height. Restraint systems should always be used as a priority over fall arrest when possible / practicable.

Colour Code

Powder Coated and Fitted to a Gantry Crane

  • Alu PA-064488 (unpainted)
  • Grey PA-064458 (painted)
  • Black PA-064448 (painted)
  • Red PA-064438 (painted)
  • White PA-064478 (painted)
  • Yellow PA-064468 (painted)

Other Applications

Powder coated and fitted to a gantry crane.

Dimensional Information

PA Anchor Dimensions
PA anchor O & M Manual gb.pdf

Operation Manual

Complete operation and user manual for PA Anchor points
(approx. 0.5Mb)

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