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Sala Counterweight Overhead Rail Fall Arrest System - A Versatile Fall Arrest Solution for Working at Heights

Model:  SCOR-4951

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Horizontal Rail Overhead Fall Arrest Assembly with Counterweight. CE certified.

Sala Flexiguard Counterweighted Fall Arrest System

The Sala Counterweight Rail Fall Arrest System combines easy access to elevated work areas with fall protection from the ground for the duration of the work performed, used in the transport, aviation, mining and construction sectors. Can be moved if necessary using of a fork lift truck or maintenance vehicle when equipped with proper accessories which makes this system is a versatile fall arrest solution for working at heights.

The system includes a horizontal rail assembly with Trolleys that run along the inside of the track to any position along the rail assembly. The trolleys serve as attachment points for the anchorage of a Personal Fall Arrest device.

The maximum working load is determined by the number of trolleys and is specified by system labeling. The maximum weight of one person (including tools, clothing, and fall arrest kit) is 141kg.

Only one person and one Fall Arrest Device may be connected to a Trolley.

Use of this equipment in areas such as hot work (welding or metal cutting), acidic or caustic chemicals, corrosive environments such as exposure to sea water, high voltage power lines, electrical hazards, explosive or toxic gases, moving machinery, abrasive surfaces, or sharp edges may require that additional precautions be taken to reduce the possibility of damage to this equipment or injury to the user.

  • Simply position the Counterweight Rail Fall Arrest System over the desired working area and so the Rail Assembly is centered to maximize the effective safe work area and reduce the potential for a fall.
  • The Leveling Feet must be positioned over a stable, level surface capable of supporting the weight of the rail system.
  • Secure and level the Counterweight Horizontal Rail System: Use the level supplied with the system to determine if the system is resting level on the work surface. If the work surface is uneven, level the system by using a spanner to raise or lower the leveling feet until the system is resting level on the work surface.
  • Do not use the rail system if the system is not level within 1 degree in any direction.

This model is an alternative to Sala Flexiguard "C Frame" Overhead Fall Arrest Systems, Models no's: 8567701, 8567705, 8567707, 8567709, 8567711, 8567713 which are now now longer available.


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Sala Counter weighted Rail Fall Arrest System Instructions

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