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Soll "MultiRail" Permanent Installation Horizontal Fall Arrest System Designed and Installed By Our Professional Engineers to Customers Specification

Model:  MultiRail / MRS-2660
Manufacturing Standard: EN795:2012

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Soll stainless steel and aluminium horizontal multi rail fall arrest system - Permanently Installed.

  • New state-of-the-art aluminium rail system
  • Quick and easy installation with great fixation distances up to 6m
  • Guarantees protection for up to 6 users
  • Conforms to EN 795:2012 type D standard

The Söll MultiRail Horizontal Rail System conforms to the latest European standard EN 795:2012 type D and CEN/TS 16415:2013 regulations for horizontal anchor devices. This rail offers the highest level of fall protection to people along the entire fall risk area. Söll MultiRail is not only for installation at foot level or overhead but can also be installed sideways for use as a handrail.

The high quality stainless steel product line resistant in the toughest environmental conditions has been extended with an aluminium system to provide the best price-quality solution for low-corrosive work environments. Söll MultiRail offers an adapted solution for any industrial building or wind energy turbine. The elegant design of the aluminium solution makes it an aesthetic safety solution for commercial and historical buildings. Various fixation possibilities are available for different structures. Just a few bolts and tools are required for a quick and easy assembly of the rail system.

Söll MultiRail provides fall protection for up to 6 workers across a maximum span of 6m, depending on the rail configuration. If a fall occurs, this effective system ensures that structural damage is prevented through energy absorption by the several intermediate brackets and the end-fixing devices.

Four different runners ensure smooth movement of the worker along the rail: closed runner for frequent use of the same rail, openable runner for flexible use on several rail systems, wheeled runner for overhead applications and a lockable runner for working situations where the shuttle should not move.

Robust rail system that is quick and easy to install

In case of a fall, the energy is reduced by the bending of the rail, thereby the structure remains protected. The low friction mounting brackets transmit in the event of a fall the absolute minimum impact to the structure. In conformity with the EN795:2012 standard, the rail can absorb forces up to 70 kg without permanent deformation. The rail is not fixed into mounting brackets and therefore compensates for thermal expansion. Easy connection of curves, T- and X-junctions allow the system to be easily customized to any structure.

Areas of use

The Söll MultiRail horizontal anchor device is often used in the following sectors:

  • Storefronts
  • Flat or steep roofs
  • Working platforms on masts and buildings
  • Hangars, shipyards, cranes
  • Industrial plants
  • Wind nacelles
  • Water treatment

Söll MultiRail can also be used as an overhead solution in combination with a self retractable lifeline attached to a wheeled shuttle for example in following applications:

  • Truck cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Loading bay

System Components

A complete set of components is available for both Aluminium and Stainless Steel rail systems. Aluminium rail system components can be provided in customised colors upon request.

End Stop With Exit AluminiumEnd Stop With Exit Stainless Steel End Stop Without Exit AluminiumEnd Stop Without Exit Stainless Steel Anchor Rail AluminiumAnchor Rail Stainless Steel Rail Connector AluminiumRail Connector Stainless Steel
End-stop with exit
The end-stop prevents the runner from coming out of the rail unintentionally; however it can be opened to remove the runner.
End-stop without exit
The end-stop prevents the runner from coming out of the rail unintentionally.
Anchor rail
The available standardised lengths are 3m and 6m but it can also be supplied on demand in any length up to 6m. A curved Stainless Steel version with radius > 2000 mm can be mounted either upward or sideward.
Rail connector
A coupling part connects individual rail sections.


Intermediate Anchor 1Intermediate Anchor 2Intermediate Anchor 3Intermediate Anchor 4Intermediate Anchor 5 Curved Section 1 AluminiumCurved Section 2 AluminiumCurved Section 1 Stainless SteelCurved Section 2 Stainless Steel Horizontal Track Change 3 Point AluminiumHorizontal Track Change 4 Point AluminiumHorizontal Track Change 3 Point Stainless Steel

Intermediate anchors
• A complete set of stainless steel anchors are available for both stainless steel and aluminium installations. They are appropriate for handrail, floor level and overhead installations as well as for round structures.
• Teflon inserts allow the rail to glide smoothly inside the brackets. The rail is not subject to any constraint and therefore compensates for thermal expansion.
• Customised intermediate anchors can be provided upon request.
Curves for horizontal and vertical installations
These components allow Söll MultiRail to follow the profile of the building. The radius is 80 mm (stainless steel system) or 250 mm (aluminium system) with a standard angle of 90°.
Other angles between 30° and 150°(stainless steel system) or 15° and 150° (aluminium system) are available on request.
A worker connected to the Söll MultiRail system can pass safely along vertical sections up to 1 m high.
Horizontal Track Change
The T-Junction and X-junction allow several rail systems to be connected and facilitates changes in any direction. The X-junction is only available on the Söll MultiRail aluminium system.


Closed Runner Openable Runner Overhead Runner Lockable Runner
Closed runner
Available in stainless steel with polyamide inlays to minimize friction and provide great gliding performance, it is fitted with a stainless steel connector. As wheels are not necessary,
it is dirt-resistant as well as very light, only 400g. It can be removed from the system at the end-stop exit sections or remain permanently on the rail. The closed runner is designed for Söll MultiRail systems with defined entry and exit points.
Openable runner
Available in stainless steel with polyamide inlays to minimize friction and provide great gliding performance, it is fitted with a stainless steel connector.
As wheels are not necessary, it is dirt-resistant as well as very light, only 600g. By means of an easy to use opening and closing mechanism, it can be removed or attached anywhere along the rail offering more flexibility to the user during his work. The openable runner is proposed for companies with high frequency of use on several Söll MultiRail systems or where the systems do not have defined entry and exit points.
Overhead runner
Made from stainless steel with 4 load-bearing wheels and a swiveling stainless steel eye, the wheeled runner may only be used for overhead applications. The runner can pass horizontal curves. It can be used with a self retractable lifeline. The worker attached to the lifeline can cover a wide working zone.
Lockable runner
Made from stainless steel with an additional bolt to lock, this runner is ideal for use on rails attached to objects in motion such as those installed on trucks. The runner stays in place when the truck is driven.
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