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Sala Advanced Portable Telescopic Fall Arrest Post - for use on vertical platforms

Model:  STFA-4693
Manufacturing Standard: EN795 class B

8569819 Sala Concrete Anchor Plate
8567422 Sala Portable Fall Arrest Systems Base With Tie Off
8560816 Sala Weld On Mounting Plate
Concrete anchor plate Portable fall arrest system base with Tie off
Weld-on mounting plate - unplated mild steel



Part N° Description Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
Portable fall arrest mast 17.0 £  1952.00
Concrete anchor plate 19.5 £  365.00
Weld-on mounting plate - unplated mild steel 5.3 £  80.50
Portable fall arrest system base 5.4 £  116.00
Anchor post extension - 356mm 2.0 £  264.00
Base for quarry anchor (for 89mm Dia. holes) 20.0 £  801.00
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Sala Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Mast with 3 Swivel Anchor Points Suitable for 3 Workers at one time.

The Sala Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Post provides protection and complete mobility for three workers on top of transformers or other types of vertical platforms with potential fall hazards.

The post is compact and lightweight, making the post very easy to transport and put in place.

The system features a telescopic design and 3 swivelling anchor points providing up to 3 workers with 360 degrees of protection and mobility.

Portable and fixed bases provide complete job site versatility. When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly.

SALA has an extensive line of rescue and retrieval systems with decades of proven field service and is trusted for high quality and, rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed the most.

Product Features

  • Portable fall arrest post.
  • 360 degrees of protection for 3 workers.
  • Telescopic design.
  • Built-in levelling system.
  • Anchor ring for horizontal lifeline system.
  • Integral carrying handle.
  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminium construction.
  • Base, lanyard and SRL (Self Retracting Lifeline) sold separately.
  • Weight: 17kg.
  • Standards: CE, EN 795 class B.
  • Weld on Mounting Plate, Concrete Anchor Plate and Fall Arrest System Base all available as optional extras.
  • Optional extension section can be used - Allows for tie-off of ONE worker at an increased height of 1740 mm.

8566691 Sala Fall Arrest Mast

Portable fall arrest post
Provides complete mobility and protection for 3 workers on top of transformers or other vertical platforms.

360 degrees of protection for 3 workers
3 independent swivelling tie-off points provides ultimate mobility and protection.

Telescopic design
3 telescopic working heights range from 83.2, 116.8, 145.4 cm (32.7 in. to 46 in. to 57.2 in.) allowing users to decrease fall distance and increase overall safety.

Built-in levelling system
Screws plumb system on inclines up to 15 degrees for uneven surfaces.

Anchor ring for horizontal lifeline system
Configure system with two anchor posts and a horizontal lifeline strung between them for added horizontal mobility.

Integral carrying handle
Allows system to be easily moved from one location to another.

Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminium construction
At only 18.1 kg (40 lbs.), the system is extremely easy to transport, set-up and dismantle for added worker satisfaction and productivity.

Order base, lanyard and SRL separately.
Compatible with various personal fall arrest systems and components for added job site versatility.

8566691 Sala Telescopic Fall Arrest Post
8566691 Sala Fall Arrest Mast Dimensions

Quarry Anchor

Various working scenarios related to quarrying require a safe way to approach the face / edge where there is a major risk of falling:

• The quarry manager for inspection.
• The topographer surveying the coal face.
• The driller to set up and control.
• The miner to load-out and inspect the mines.
• The laboratory to analyse the cuttings from the drilling.

To tackle all of the scenarios, Sala specifically developed the Quarry Fall Protection Anchor, a detachable, safe, robust, manually adjustable fall protection solution that does not require any specific means to set up and is CE certified.

The Quarry anchor is made up of two detachable parts: the first is the base which is inserted in drilled holes of either 89 mm or 115 mm in diameter (drilled at the top of the coal face, in a zone with no risk of falling), the second is the telescopic anchor mast offering up to three raised anchor points (as detailed above).

The cable deployed by the retractable fall arrestor (sold seperately) allows the user to approach the coal face securely, and in case of a fall (off the edge or a collapse of the coal face), to be braked and stopped safely.

The Quarry anchor can be used as a temporary lifeline extremity anchor in order to secure a much larger area. With this configuration, two users can be secured simultaneously.

Product Features

  • Base designed for 89 mm diameter holes.
  • Galvanized steel base.
  • 300 mm diameter flange.
  • 76 mm diameter shaft.
  • Length 1,363 mm.
  • Certified CE EN 795 class B.
Sala Quarry Anchor
Sala Quarry Anchor 2 Anchors

Use of two anchors and a lifeline: securing with a lifeline

Sala Quarry Anchor Single Use

Use of a single anchor: securing an angular section

Sala Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Post - Instruction Manual.pdf

Sala Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Post

(approx. 2.2Mb)
Concrete Anchor Plate.pdf

Concrete Anchor Plate

(approx. 1.7Mb)

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