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Tiger "Sub-sea" ROV Hand Chain Hoist, Top Hook Suspended, Many Drive Options - 3000kg, 10,000kg or 20,000kg

Model:  RCB / THCH-3943

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Subsea hand chain blocks c/w Gr:10 load chain. 3 drive options for operation by remote operated vehicles (ROV)

Rov Hot Stab 10t Chain Bag

The Tiger ROV compatible chain block is available in three different interface options all in accordance with BS ISO 13628-8:2002 ROV Interfaces on Subsea production systems.

Tested and finished in accordance with Annex’s B & K of BS ISO 13628-1:2005:

  1. Hydraulic Hot Stab connection type A dual port
  2. Rotary Torque Receptacle Classes 1,2 &3
  3. Fishtail or T-bar manual connection

Available as a 3.0 tonne, 10 tonne and soon our NEW 20 tonne single head six fall capacity chain block, chained up to project specific heights of lift (H.O.L) that can be pre-set to meet the exact starting point required within the rigging drawings.

  • Available in 3.0t, 10.0t and 20.0t capacity
  • Fully corrosion protected exclusively by NiTEC
  • Three choices of interface:
    • Hydraulic Hot Stab connection type A dual port
    • Rotary Torque Receptacle Classes 1,2 & 3
    • Manual Fishtail Direct Drive
  • Compliant with BS ISO 13628-8:2002 & of BS ISO 13628-1:2005
  • Stainless steel 316 framework and handle
  • Proven Subsea brake components
  • Heavy duty flexible chain bag c/w stainless steel mounting frame
  • 4 Point manipulator connection points
  • Compact and light weight Balanced design for easy handling and installation
  • Subsea suitable bearings for top and bottom hook load sheaves
  • Marine specific friction discs
  • Subsea brake design Bespoke chain lengths to meet exact customer requirements
  • Full individual spares back up
  • Each unit is fully tested and certified before delivery

Manipulator Connection Points

Tiger Rov Manipulator Connection Points Rov Manipulator Dimensions
Corrosion Protection:

Exclusively working with NiTEC (UK) Ltd using their proven SEATEC 100 and ENP processes ensures the Tiger has unprecedented protection whilst operating subsea. Every single component within the Tiger ROV chain block has been protected against corrosion by working in partnership with NiTEC (UK) Ltd and combining various methods of protection using their expertise in subsea protection systems.

Hot Stab Drive Cage

Hydraulic Hot Stab:

Working in partnership with Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd Tooling Division we have designed and built a dual port ISO Hot Stab hydraulic system incorporating a female type A receptacle that is protected by our full 316 Stainless steel frame handle that has 4 built in connection points for the work class manipulators to hold and operate.

This exclusively designed system makes for a well-balanced unit that sits perfectly when installing the unit within the project rigging. Using only high quality check valves that prevent loss of the hydraulic fluid within the system when the hot stab is removed, these valves have a dual purpose as they ensure the minimal level of contamination to the system from sea water.

These units come supplied with a dummy male stab that ensures debris does not collect in the receptacle during transportation or when the connection is not being used.

Torque Tool

Rotary Torque Tool

This interface has been designed to meet the exact requirements of BS ISO 13628-8:2002. These units can be supplied in Classes 1+2 or class 3 giving maximum tooling flexibility whilst only requiring an operational torque of 50Nm to lift 10 tonnes.

Fish Tail Direct Drive

Fishtail Manual Direct Drive:

Using the same guard frame as the torque tool interface built from 316L stainless steel giving maximum protection, this option gives a very flexible operator-friendly interface by incorporating a high strength but flexible compliance joint making for a very positive and reliable direct drive mechanism.

Stainless Steel Frame Handle All our interface options come mounted in our purpose built frames that are constructed using 316L stainless steel bar and tubing, ensuring full compliance with BS ISO 13628-8:2002(E) which gives the manipulators four T-Bar connection positions to hold onto as indicated below, and these tie in with T slots found in parallel jaw manipulators.

Subsea Brake:

Developed and designed for Subsea use creating a highly efficient, reliable braking surface for use in the most extreme conditions.

Chain Bags:

Designed to carry and hold the exact length of load chain required for the operation. Incorporating a stainless steel frame work and heavy duty PVC flexible bag reinforced by webbing with eyelet drain holes for an easy transfer through the splash zone. These chain bags prevent loose chain from getting snagged during lifting or lowering operations and protect any loose chain during transit to and from the operational site.

Chain Guides

Specifically designed to guide the load chain safely onto or off the load sheave without snagging or jamming, the fluted chain stripper ensures unrestricted entry and exit of the calibrated load chain.


Drop forged and heat treated alloy hooks are furnished with heavy duty latch kits that fully engage into the nose of the hook offering maximum load security. The swivel hooks are attached to the yoke using high grade nuts & bolts allowing for complete inspection during any statutory inspection or written scheme maintenance procedure. Recessed forgings offer full protection to the load chain anchor bolts on all our bottom hooks.

High Performance Premium Grease:

Load carrying ability, mechanical stability, corrosion protection, water resistance and increased operating temperature ranges are all improved by the using only the very best lubricant.

3 Tonne Single
10 Tonne Single
20 Tonne
3 Tonne Single  10 Tonne
 20 tonne

Chain Block Data

Product Code Capacity Effort (kg) Dimensions (mm) Load Chain Standard HOL (m) Mass kg @ std HOL
A B D E F F1 G

Diameter (mm)

NO. of Falls
CB-0300 3 38 109 84 98 157 43 38 550 ⌀10 1 3 32.5
CB-1000 10 40 109 84 153 263 60 54 660 ⌀10 3 3 62.3
CB-2000 20 43 160 90 140 350 90 70 1050 ⌀10 6 3 180

ROV Block Data

Product code Capacity (tonne) Max Torque (Nm) Revs per 300mm travel Mass out of water (kg) (includes chain block @ std HOL
Hot Stab Torque Tool Fishtail
RCB-0300 3 45 55 60.5 57.5 53.5
RCB-1000 10 50 165 90.3 87.3 83.3
RCB-2000 20 55 340 208 205 201
TLUK ROV Specification Sheet 201201.pdf

ROV Specifications

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