Tiger Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Quick Ref: CN-1772

Tiger Hand operated Chain Blocks are manufactured from high quality steel and offered to our industrial and offshore customers as a quality manual lifting equipment system. They are lightweight though are still robust and an exceptionally strong hand chain hoist at a competitive price in the market place. The lifting hoist has been developed over many years putting stress on operator safety and hoist durability and this is where Tiger have succeeded. Tiger hand chain hoists meet the requirements of the Ministry of Defence mining and also approved/certified to be used in deep coal mining, meeting the requirements of British Coal and commonly being used by the UK coal mining industry. The Tiger hand chain hoist is also extensively used in the Offshore Oil industry. All these industries operate in extreme environments where reliability and safety are very important and for this reason we at LiftingSafety are now selling the Tiger range of hand chain hoists. The Subsea range of Tiger ROV (Remote operated vehicle) hand chain hoist is totally unique in the lifting equipment industry having taken years to develop and having been approved for use by some of the world’s leading offshore oil and gas companies. To tiger the subsea hand chain hoist is now proven technology though as with all quality manufacturers continues to be re-developed to meet the needs of the offshore industry.

Tiger Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Hook Suspension Manual Chain Block. Can be safely used for “fleeting” and “cross-hauling” applications up to 45°. Available with Optional Top and Bottom 'Adaptor' Fittings.

The TCB14 is manufactured from the highest quality steel materials, offering a lightweight, compact and rugged construction, producing an exceptionally strong product resistant to impact damage. The exceptional short head room allows for easy installation where every centimetre must be achieved. Using only the highest quality materials precisely machined in our own factory, the TCB14 is the ideal block for long term use with less maintenance and servicing costs. These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN 13157:2004.

Hand chain hoist designed specifically for under-water (sub-sea) use, though also probably one of the safest chain hoists for heavy industrial use. Available with Optional Top and Bottom 'Adaptor' Fittings.

The Tiger "SS12 Sub-Sea Chain Hoist" is perfect for underwater use but can also be used above ground if needed, it comes completely corrosion resistant and can provide over 1000 hours of protection. The Hoist is manufactured to be lightweight and portable, with a rugged steel body and heat treated alloy hooks.

Tiger Atex rated (spark resistance) manual chain hoists. Optional Corrosion resistant or stainless steel load chain.
Subsea hand chain blocks c/w Gr:10 load chain. 3 drive options for operation by remote operated vehicles (ROV)

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