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Verlinde Tirlift Electric Wire Rope Lifting Hoist - 500kg

Model:  WRLW-2633

electric_winch-t-lift_vert Electric Winch I Lift Vert Socket
Electric Winch t-lift Vert Position
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Electric Wire Rope Lifting Winch Designed for wind turbines.

The Tirlift Electric wind turbine Winch is designed for lifting loads up to 500kg capacity and a height of upto 102 metres This heavy duty electric winch is specifically designed to meet the heavier lifting needs of onshore and offshore wind farms, offering a durable and low maintenance lifting solution.

General description

  • These winches are designed for lifting of loads up to 500kg (Class FEM 1Bm).
  • Up to 102 metre height of lift
  • Fast lifting speed @ 18 metres per minute
  • Comply with directive “CE” 98/37/EEC.
  • Special drum (standard x 1.5) for 5mm wire rope for loads up to 500kg
  • Protection of electrical components (control panel and motor), type IP55.
  • Totally enclosed, life lubricated, helical gear treated
  • single speed lift at 18 metres per minute lifting speed.
  • Hoisting motor 400V / 50 Hz/3 PH with insulation class F, IP 55 protection. Spring loaded disc brake.
  • A start/stop contactor
  • A 48 V Low Voltage transformer
  • A modular and evolutional under frame allowing many directions for wire rope outlets from the drum.
  • Components built into box attached to winch, with a 2-meter cable to the push button box.

Optional equipment

The VERTL4B Electric wind turbine Winch can be equipped with the following electric, mechanical or protection options :
  • Limit switch with cams is mounted onto drum outlet.
  • Drum outlet shaft (to install a coder or a limit switch for special lifting).
  • Roll for tightening wire rope.
  • Rope pressure roller.
  • Manual brake release.
  • Fixed-point plate with load limiter and tensor.
  • Centred lifting.
  • Capstan-type winch.
  • Return pulley without axle, Return pulley assembly
  • Special wire rope, stainless steel wire rope
  • Special-length drum.
  • Several rope outlets on the drum.
  • Thermal probe relay for motor.
  • Motor tropicalisation.
  • Class H motor.
  • Other voltages and frequency of power supply and other control voltage.
Electric winch 2
Electric winch 1
Electric winch 3
Electric winch 4

Winch Positions - Wire rope outlets - Uses

The winch can be mounted on the ground (Position A), on to a wall (Position B and D) and on the ceiling (Position D).

Outlets are possible over a range from 0° to 360°. The wire rope can be set to the right or to the left of the drum, according to desired outlet.

Example of possible outlet angles for the layer in position A, with the wire rope set on gear side or on bearing side.

Positions Outlets
Rope Winch Rope Type Falls Breaking (N/mm2) Minimum breaking (kg) Load max (kg) Security coefficient Specifications
Ø 6 tirlift 17 x 7 AGM 2160 2966 500 5,93 Rotation resistant

Examples of Use

Examples of Use

Dimensional Drawings

Electric winch dimensions

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