Other Stainless Steel Rigging Equipment

Other Stainless Steel Rigging Equipment
Quick Ref: CN-1848


Crosby Wire Rope Thimbles. The range of Crosby G411 (Standard duty ) and G414 (Extra Heavy duty design) Wire Rope Thimbles are hot dip galvanized for increased corrosion resistance. These thimbles provide a hard eye in a wire rope lifting sling; the standard option is most suitable for light duty applications.

Crosby Forged Alloy Steel, Quenched and Tempered Snap Hooks.

Crosby G3315 Snap Hooks are forged alloy steel and are quenched and tempered. These hooks have pressed steel latches and stainless steel springs, bolts and nuts. For replacement latch kit, order Stock No. 9900299.

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