Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists: 500kg to 20,000kg

Quick Ref: CN-1248

Our corrosion resistant hand chain hoists are designed to be used in corrosive environments to avoid rust contamination. They are most commonly used in the food and beverages industry, for offshore use and in the chemical and petrochemical industry. In fact they are used anywhere where resulting corrosion will cause contamination or premature failure/breakdown. We offer from leading manufacturers as hook suspension or on a monorail trolley all are manually operated and some are supplied with stainless steel hand and load chains. In the near future we will be offering Stainless steel hand chain hoists and monorail hoist completely made from stainless steel. 

We presently offer three levels of corrosion resistance with our hand chain hoists:

  • Standard - Zinc Plated body with Zinc coated hand and load chain.
  • Ultimate corrosion resistant - Zinc plated body with stainless steel hand chain and stainless load chain.
  • Hand chain hoists that are 100% manufactured from stainless steel, soon to be offered online.

Yale Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists

Through Yale and the YaleLift 360 LiftingSafety offer our most extensive range of corrosion resistant hand chain hoists, both a hook suspended corrosion resistant or with an integrated push or geared (chain) driven monorail trolley. In this category we offer YaleLift 360 hand chain hoists with standard Zinc Plated corrosion protection in capacities up to 20 tonne and also the ultimate corrosion protection range of Yale YaleLift 360 hoists that combine the zinc plating on the body of the hoist with stainless steel hand chain and stainless steel load chain. These are available up to 4000kg capacity. Yale ultimate corrosion resistant hand chain hoist and monorail lifting hoists are a first choice for many industries including the offshore oil and gas industry and for our door applications. Please feel free to contact our sales or technical staff if you need any assistance in choosing the most appropriate hoist for your application. 

Yale Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists

Ingersoll Rand Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists

Through Ingersoll Rand we offer the Ingersoll Rand SMB top hook suspended corrosion resistant hand chain hoist range. Lifting equipment manufactured by IR are very good quality and very robust. Corrosion protection is improved by a 4 layer finish of nickel, copper, nickel, and chrome complementing. 

Ranging from 500kg to 5000kg lifting capacity.

Ingersoll Rand Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists

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