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Yale "YaleLift 360" Hand Chain Hoist, Top Hook Suspended - Range from 500kg to 20,000kg

Model:  Yalelift 360 / YHCH-209

Height of Lift
Corrosion Resistant Finish
Overload Protection
Chain Collector Bag
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Yale Manual Hoist with 360 degree Hand Wheel with options for Corrosion Resistant Units.

3 metre lift height supplied as standard.

A hand chain hoist which opens up huge new opportunities. With our innovative new design things are really beginning to move.

More flexibility means greater safety - operators are no longer forced to work beneath the loads.

The Yale lift 360 opens up a new world of safety for the operator. The range of applications as well as the operating conditions have been changed by a revolutionary new hand chain guide design. The key to this innovation is our revolutionary 360 degree rotating hand chain guide which allows operation of the hoist from any position, even in extremely confined areas. The Yalelift 360 can be operated at the side of the load or from any other position and can even be used for horizontal pulling.

Important: Any Yale chain hoist with a length of load chain above 6 metres must incorporate a chain collector fitted to ensure brake functionality.

A unique and innovative design

  • The new 360° rotating hand chain guide allows hoist operations from various angles
  • The operator is no longer directly within the danger zone beneath the load
  • The flexibility of the hoist allows the operator to work directly above the load
  • Suitable for Fleeting.
YaleLift 360
Yale hand chain hoist - Yale-lift 360 - 3 Positions

Safety under control

By means of the 360° rotating hand chain guide the user can operate the hoist from all directions and is no longer within the danger zone.


The hoist can be operated safely and efficiently from all positions, even from the side of the load. This means greater flexibility of the working position.

Work from above

The Yalelift 360 allows the operator to work directly above the load.
Advantage: long lifting height with relatively short hand chain.

More Details

  • The new patented brake system offers increased operational safety and reduced wear and maintenance.
  • Encapsulated ball bearings and sliding bushes offer extraordinary efficiency and provide smooth and effortless operation.
  • The robust stamped steel housing is resistant to the toughest working conditions. Screw fittings, bolts and nuts are counter-sunk and thus protected against wear.
  • The load sheave is precisely machined and ensures accurate movement of the load chain. The lifetime of the chain is thereby substantially increased.

Corrosion resistance CR - Added lifetime

All models of the Yalelift Vario programme can be supplied with corrosion resistant features which include zinc-plated load chains and stainless steel hand chain as standard. Corrosion protection Corrosion starts on the surface of components due to reaction of environmental influences. This affects the mechanical properties of the components, e.g. breaking strength and total ultimate elongation. Many components are supplied in black (unmachined), bright (machined) or painted condition. This offers certain protection but after only a short period of time corrosion can begin. With the application of a protective coating, the development of corrosion can be reduced and delayed, thus extending the service life of the treated components.

Applications for corrosion resistant units and zinc-plated resp. stainless steel load chains

Completely corrosion resistant units with either zinc-plated or stainless steel load chains should be used in all conditions with increased requirements towards corrosion protection. Typical applications are in food processing (e.g. dairy, abattoir, etc.), chemical industries (e.g. paper, dye industries), farming and sewage treatment. Illustrated rubber buffers optionally available!

Spark resistant features: Added safety

All models of the Yalelift Vario programme can be provided with the following optional features for additional protection against sparking:

  • Load and hand chains from stainless steel
  • Units completely corrosion resistant
  • Bronze-plated suspension and load hooks
  • Solid bronze trolley wheels
  • Rubber buffers
  • Chain containers

Overload protection: Added control

The overload protection device of the Yalelift Vario programme reliably prevents excessive load take-up of the hoist during operation. When reaching the pre-set overload value, the unit will jam and stop operation in the lifting direction. Lowering of the load is still possible at any time. The overload protection device provides additional safety with regard to possible false estimation of the load weight and thus increases the lifetime of the hoist. The new design principle allows excellent adjustability and response. Beam locking device Added security Yale trolleys can be optionally provided with beam locking device to secure the unloaded trolley in fixed position on the beam (park position e.g. on ships).

Chain container: Added comfort

The chain containers for the Yalelift Vario programme consist of a robust, powder-coated steel frame with a flexible chain bag made from high tensile Cordura textile fabric. Available in different sizes. Special sizes on request. Spark resistance In nearly all industrial areas, and not only in the chemical industry, plants are operated in explosion endangered environments. Because of the great damage an explosion could cause to people and material, stringent legal and technical requirements are imposed, particularly on electrical equipment used in explosion endangered environments. Applications Paint factories, paint shops, foundries, on-/ offshore, refineries, oil depots, electro-plating, automobile factories, on ships and docks, printers, textile and paper factories, food industries, glass and ceramic industries, wood working industries and hardening shops, etc.

LiftingSafety Review:
The 'Special feature' of the Yale 360 range is that the hand chain wheel and guard rotate through a full 360 degree. This is an excellent safety feature (and user friendly) because the operator can get out of the danger zone (under the load). Lets not also forget that the hoist is Top Quality and durable with a good range of capacities, up to 20 tonne! Well worth considering if you need a HCB for heavier duty use.


Model Capacity WLL (kg) Number of chain falls Standard Lift (m) Pull on hand chain at WLL (daN) Net weight at standard lift (kg) Chain Dimensions (d x p in mm)
Yalelift 360 0.5 500kg 1 3 21 9 5 x 15
Yalelift 360 1 1000kg 1 3 30 13 6 x 18
Yalelift 360 2 2000kg 1 3 32 20 8 x 24
Yalelift 360 3 3000kg 1 3 38 29 10 x 30
Yalelift 360 5 5000kg 2 3 34 38 10 x 30
Yalelift 360 10 10000kg 3 3 44 71 10 x 30
Yalelift 360 20 20000kg 6 3 2 x 44 196 10 x 30
Yale-lift 360 dimensional drawings20 Tonne Model Dimensions
Model A - Min. Headroom (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) I (mm) K (mm) L (mm) M (mm)
Yalelift 360 0.5 300 17 24 133 148 139 139 206 24 61 79 110
Yalelift 360 1 335 22 29 156 175 157 164 242 24 70 87 125
Yalelift 360 2 395 30 35 182 203 183 192 283 31 83 100 156
Yalelift 360 3 520 38 40 220 250 204 225 335 34 95 109 178
Yalelift 360 5 640 45 47 220 250 204 242 352 21 95 109 271
Yalelift 360 10 825 68 68 220 250 204 326 436 136 95 109 401
Yalelift 360 20 1010 85 64 303 555 250 391 501 - 396 125 471

LiftingSafety Review:
The 'Special feature' of the Yale 360 range is that the hand chain wheel and guard rotate through a full 360 degree. This is an excellent safety feature (and user friendly) because the operator can get out of the danger zone (under the load). Lets not also forget that the hoist is Top Quality and durable with a good range of capacities, up to 20 tonne! Well worth considering if you need a HCB for heavier duty use.
Hand Chain Hoists 4.pdf

Yale 360 Product Details

More information about the product.
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YaleLift 360 Operating Manual

These instructions are intended to acquaint the user with the product and enable them to use it to the full extent of its intended capabilities. The operating instructions contain important information on how to handle the product in a safe, correct and economic way. Acting in accordance with these instructions helps to avoid dangers, reduce repair cost and down time and to increase the reliability and lifetime of the product.
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Yale HCB-Fleeted Operation.pdf

Fleeted Operation

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Fleeting Chain Blocks-Mod 5.pdf

Fleeting of Yale Chain Blocks

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LEEA-053 Guidance on hand chain blocks used at an angle to the vertical - edition 2.pdf

LEEA Guidance on Fleeting of Chain Blocks

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