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'LiftingSafety' High Capacity Manual Chain Hoist, Chain Block and Tackle, Top Hook Suspended - Range from 30,000kg to 50,000kg with specials up to 100,000kg

Model:  MCHT-3654

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High quality manual chain hoist.

These manual chain hoists are manufactured with the leading design concept and a available capacities ranging from 30000kg to 50000kg as standard, but are available up to 100 tonnes upon request.

The MCHT chain hoist is a resulting factor from the application of high technology with emphasis on overall performance required in a quality chain hoist.

Lighter weight, higher efficiency and more compact size, these hoists are valuable in a wide variety of lifting applications. This successful design derives from the development by the smallest yet ultra strong link load chain. Unparallelled in the world, manufactured to the highest quality the load chains on the MCHT hoists have an unbelievable breaking strength of 1,000N/mm2 (100kgf/mm2).

Due to the superior quality and performance, we are confident that the chain hoist will fulfill all the end-user’s needs because of the following important features.

Durable and Reliable!!

The high-class load chain with the breaking strength of 1000N/mm2 (100kgf/mm2) constitutes the main factor for reliable and safe operation. Also dry type braking mechanism provides excellent performance. Which means these models are designed for the hardest work, in the toughest conditions.

10 Key Features

Gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover Resistant to External Shocks
Both sides of the hoist are covered with a thick steel gear case, processed with the highest level technology and with a strengthened wheel cover. They have an ideal shape and rigidity to maintain bearing alignment and withstand external shocks.

Double Enclosure to Keep Out Rainwater and Dust
The braking mechanism, which makes up heart of the hoist, is enclosed in a double cover: the wheel and the brake covers.These protective covers not only keep out weather elements but also help to prevent mud and dust from entering internal mechanisms. Hand chain guide attached to the wheel cover provides durability and smooth operation of a hand chain on a hand chain wheel.

Double Pawl Spring Mechanism to Further Increase of Sureness
In case one of Pawl spring is damaged, the other maintains its functions. This mechanism further increases sureness and safety.

Sure and Reliable Mechanical Brake
A dry type asbestos-free Mechanical Brake ensures strong brake performance, endurance and reliability.

Hooks for Easy Work
Specially heat treated top and bottom hooks have enough strength and toughness for the hardest jobs. The design of the bottom hook, with relatively large dimensions, makes it easy to stabilize a load in proper position. The bottom Yoke features a guard protecting the chain pin & nut from damage which again enhances safety.

Bearing Mechanism to Increase Mechanical Efficiency
Use of unique ball and needle bearings remarkably increases mechanical efficiency and produces high output power with minimum manual input.

Load Chain Guide Mechanism
Chain guide mechanism in flanged load sheave and guide roller facilitate smooth movement of the load chain.

Highly Accurate and Durable Gears
Compact but highly efficient and durable gears to insure the up most accuracy.

Stopper Prevents Excessive Lowering
Stopper assembly prevents excessive lowering of a load and also keeps load chain from exiting if over lowered (lowered to quickly). When you feel a noticeable increase in pull force to lower the load, you may realize that you cannot lower the load any further.

Ultra Strong Load Chain (Nickel plated)
Load chains, the component comprising the heart of the chain hoist, are made of an exclusively developed, heat treated special steel alloy. Carefully selected special steel is entirely processed at fully automated production facilities under the most stringent quality control procedures. Thus, all of the chains are uniform in high breaking stress of 1000N/mm2(100kgf/mm2). They have excellent quality including toughness and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Corrosion Resistant Nickel Diffused Chain

We recommend chain hoists with ND (Nickel Diffused) chain, for outstanding corrosion resistance and use at work sites under the strong influences of rainwater, seawater, vapor or chemicals, etc. Since the ND chains are manufactured by giving a unique osmotic- diffusion treatment to special metals with the unique technology, they have extremely strong corrosion resistance. Also there is no peeling off of the plating. Clients are requested to consult with the nearest distributor before use of these chains because of their corrosion resistant efficiency differs, depending upon which chemicals are or may be in the surrounding area or environment.

As stander these manual hoist are available in capacities of 30 tonne, 40 tonne or 50 tonnes, however even larger capacity chain hoists up to 100t (100 tonne) are available upon request.

Overload Protection Device (OLL)

The hoist with overload limiter protects hoist mechanism from damage due to overloading. When an overload is applied to the hoist, the overload limiter actuates to stop lifting.


100 Tonne Chain Hoist
100t Chain Hoist
Manual Chain Hoist up to 50 tonnes

Technical Specifications

Rated Load (W.L.L.) Model Std Lift (m) Hand Chain Folded Length (m) Chain Pull to Lift Full Load (N) [kgf] Chain Overhaul to Lift Load One Metre (m) Load Chain Dia. x Chain Falls
Test Load
Net Weight (kg) Approx Shipping Weight (kg) Weight per Additional Metre of Lift (kg)
30 tonne MCHT30 3.5 4.5 421 [43] x2 495 x 2 9mm x 10 40t 310 400 19.2
40 tonne MCHT40 3.5 4.5 421 [43] x2 693 x 2 9mm x 14 50t 480 630 26.2
50 tonne MCHT50 3.5 4.5 480 [49] x2 792 x 2 9mm x 16 62.5t 640 790 29.7
  • Other capacities are available upon request.
  • Any lift of chain is available upon request.
  • As the chains are heat treated, splicing of the load chain is prohibited.
  • When ordering, specify lifting height.
  • Chain Falls varies on each capacity.

Dimensional Information

Rated Load (W.L.L.)
Model Headroom C (mm) Dimensions (mm)
a b d e f g s t u v w x
MCHT30 1300 404 746 4800 202 373 103 125 85 112 367 143 400
MCHT40 1480 502 760 4900 251 380 96 145 123 133 412.5 182.5 445
MCHT50 1560 544 796 4900 272 398 100 165 135 155 447.5 202.5 467
Dimensional Drawing
30000kg, 40000kg and 50000kg Dimensional Drawing

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