LiftingSafety Hook Suspended Hand Chain Hoists (Block & Tackle)

Quick Ref: CN-1773

LiftingSafety offer our high capacity hand chain hoist range for lifting equipment. Capacities from 30 tonne to 100 tonne and supplied with Grade 10 load chain as standard along with a braking system has double protective covers to prevent contamination to the brake disks. These are top quality lifting hoists manufactured for use in the most demanding of environments. Please note that hoists of this capacity are usually made to order and therefore enquiry early to avoid manufacturing delays.


High quality manual chain hoist.

High quality light weight manual hand chain hoist is available in sizes 30,000kg, 40,000kg, 50,000kg and 100,000kg can be supplied on request.

Lighter weight, higher efficiency and more compact size, these hoists are valuable in a wide variety of lifting applications.

Unbelievable breaking strength of 1,000N/mm2 (100kgf/mm2).

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