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Kito CX Manual Chain Hoist, Top Hook Suspended - 250kg

Model:  CX003 / KCMC-4182
Manufacturing Standard: ASME B30.16, ASME HST-2

Cx Dimensions
Capacity (tonne) Model Height of Lift(mm) a(mm) b(mm) Hand Chain Length(mm) e(mm) g(mm)
250kg CX003 217 88 84 53 37 21
Height of Lift (m)
Carrying Case Required
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Hand Chain Length (m)

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Kito CX lightweight, aluminium body hand chain hoist, Overload limiter as standard

The Kito CX Mini Manual Chain Hoist is perfect for lifting a light load, its ultra compact, portable build allows for safe operation in tight areas.
The CX Hand Chain Hoist boasts an advanced safety mechanism and Overload Limiter as standard.


The Kito CX Features

  • Articulating top hook allows you to properly centre the load.
  • Load-bearing parts are only stressed to 25% of their limit at rated capacity.
  • Low hand-pull force for easy operation (15kg pull force to lift rated load).
  • Wide hook opening allows easy installation onto almost any reliable attachment point.
  • Aluminum housing and ultra-compact design makes for reduced weight and size.
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant, plated load chain.
  • Safety tip hook latch design is thicker for increased durability, and notched to securely engage the latch with the hook tip.
  • Sealed gears and brake are protected against damage from dust and water.
  • Forged carbon steel hook design will not fracture under excessive load.
  • Advanced-design Overload Limiter is standard on the CX to enhance worker safety and protect the hoist against excessive overloading.
Cx Manual Chain Hoist


Capacity (tonne) Model Standard Lift (m) Hand Pull to Lift Full Load (kg) Chain Pulled to Lift Load one meter (meters) Hook Mount Headroom (in) Load Chain Code Load Chain Falls Hand Chain Code Hand Chain Falls Ship Weight (lbs) Weight per Additional 5 ft of Lift (lbs)
250kg CX003 2.5 15 34 8.6 KLX032 1 KHCX025 2 5.7 2


The Kito CX is Manufactured to the following Standards

  • ASME B30.16 Safety Standard
  • ASME HST-2 Performance Standard
  • 150% of rated capactity test load
  • Grade 100, Nickel Plated Chain


Full Specification Sheet for the CX Series
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