Kito Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Quick Ref: CN-1777

Kito hand chain hoists are generally considered in the lifting industry at absolutely top of the range for quality. They are more expensive (as you may expect) though have an excellent reputation for reliability in the harshest of environments. The Kito high-class load chain with the breaking strength of 1000N/mm2 (100kgf/mm2) which constitutes the main factor for reliable and safe operation and the dry type braking mechanism provides excellent performance. The braking system, which makes up heart of the hand chain hoists, is enclosed in a double covers: the wheel and the brake covers. These protective covers not only keep out weather but also help to prevent mud and dust from entering internal workings. Hand chain guide attached to the wheel cover provides durability and smooth operation of a hand chain on a hand chain wheel. The Kito hand chain hoists range Model M3 is available through LiftingSafety capacities from 0.5t to 50t. Lighter weight, higher efficiency and more compact size, these hoists are invaluable for all lifting applications. This successful design derives from the development by the KITO’s smallest yet ultra-strong link load chain.

Kito Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Kito CX lightweight, aluminium body hand chain hoist, Overload limiter as standard

The Kito CX Mini Manual Chain Hoist is perfect for lifting a light load, its ultra compact, portable build allows for safe operation in tight areas.

The Hoist boasts an advanced safety mechanism and Overload Limiter as standard.

Kito CF Series Aluminium die-cast body, high accuracy, easy maintenance Hand Chain Hoist

Kito CF Series Manual Chain Hoists provide years of quality, reliable service due to the high quality components used when the hoist is manufactured.

The CF manual hoists are fabricated with head-treated components, sealed bearings and industry-leading quality.

Kito CB series lightweight, high quality hand chain hoists.

The Kito M3 CB 'Mighty' range of hand chain hoists (manual hoists), boasts an array of high quality features while maintaining one very important key characteristic, it's lightweight design. Higher efficiency and more compact size, these hoists are invaluable in lifting applications

A highly efficient, very durable and reliable hand chain block.Available in sizes 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 7500kg, 10,000kg, 15,000kg, 20,000kg and 30,000kg.

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