Yale Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Quick Ref: CN-1771

Yale provides a fantastic range of hand chain hoists based variations on two main range of  products, the Yale VS Plus hand chain hoists and the YaleLift 360 hand chain hoists. The VS plus has less options and is available from 500kg SWL through to only 5000kg and can only be supplied hook suspended. The VSPlus block and tackle is the work horse of the Yale lifting equipment range; it is excellent value for money while maintaining the typical quality we come to expect from Yale. The Yale Lift 360 however is available in many different configurations and can be supplied to our customers in a range rising from 500kg all the way to 20 tonne. The YaleLift360 has a hand chain guard that will rotate through 360 degrees, hence the name. This is a key safety feature meaning that the person operating the hoist can always find a safe location away from the load, to the side or above. Meaning that should there be an unforeseen accident and the load be released then the user would not be “in line” with the load, they would be in a position of safety. The YaleLift 360 can also be supplied Atex, spark resistance, inverted lifting and corrosion resistance. A truly versatile hoist range to serve the needs of heavy industry.

Yale Hand Chain Hoists, Hook Suspended (manual hoists)

Yale's entry level (medium duty) chain block, which supersedes the VS Plus.
Yale Manual Hoist with 360 degree Hand Wheel with options for Corrosion Resistant Units.

The 'unique feature' of the Yale (YaleLift) 360 range of hand hoists is that the hand chain wheel and guard rotate through a 360 degree, which is an excellent user friendly safety feature which means the operator can hoist a load while out of the danger zone (under the load).

A top quality hoist that is durable with available sizes 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 10,000kg and 20,000kg.

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