Monorail Trolley Hand Chain Hoists (Trolley Mounted Hoist) 250kg to 100 tonne

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Manual monorail hand chain hoists are lifting hoists that are attached to a beam trolleys. The beam trolley can be supplied either manual push travel or geared travel (chain travel). Having an integral trolley means that the lifting hoist and load can be manoeuvred along a lifting beam; low head room versions allow the hook to raise further, closer to the underside of the lifting beam. All our monorail chain blocks are from world respected lifting equipment manufacturers and can be supplied in heights of lift and capacities to suit your application. LiftingSafety offer a massive range of monorail trolleys, with our range expanding, so that our customers have the best chance of finding the monorail hoist with the specific features that they may need for their application or environment. 

Like the hook suspended hoists above, integrated low headroom trolley chain hoists are designed to lift a load then move the load along a runway lifting beam, manual lift with push or geared travel reducing manual handling. The integrated trolley is low headroom (and very low headroom) and can be adjusted to suit the desired lifting beam. Yale integrated trolley hoists come in a variety of different combinations, such as push trolley hoist, geared trolley hoists, spark resistant and corrosion resistant options. The trolley hoists can also be provided with the option of overload protection similar to the standard hand chain hoists.

Monorail Trolley Hand Chain Hoists (Trolley Mounted Hoist) 250kg to 100 tonne

Yale Monorail Trolley Hand Chain Hoists (Trolley Mounted Hoist)

Yale offer a fantastic range of monorail hand operated chain hoists as manual push travel and as geared travel otherwise known as chain travel monorail hoists. Standard capacities are from 250kg all the way to 24 tonne with special manufactured bespoke hoists that can be made to our customer’s capacity requirements. Monorail trolley mounted hand chain hoists are usually permanently installed on runway lifting beams and are used for all types of industrial tasks, including maintenance and production processes. The trolley of the Yale hoist can be solid mounted or articulating so that it swivels to negotiate the radius bend on a lifting runway beam. Trolley hoists are lower headroom than hook suspended hoists on independent trolleys though Yale also offer very low headroom monorail hoists. These Yale Extra low headroom hoists when the user has restricted height under the lifting beam. 

Tiger Monorail Trolley Hand Chain Hoists (Trolley Mounted Hoist)

Tiger offer through LiftingSafety the Tiger Monorail hand chain range of hoists lifting hoists. The manual hand chain hoist is integrated into the trolley and therefore solid mounted. This means that there is not the articulation / pivot point between the hoist and the trolley resulting in a lower head room. Tiger are a quality lifting equipment manufacturer and the hoists are assembled in the UK by Tiger Lifting. Tiger offer a limited range of quality monorail hoists at a competitive price with a proven track record here in the UK and overseas. We look forward to receiving your valued enquiry.

The range of monorail lifting hoists can be supplied manual push travel or chain driven (gear travel trolley) in capacities up to 5 tonne (5000kg)

Kito Monorail Trolley Hand Chain Hoists (Trolley Mounted Hoist)

Kito have a reputation in the lifting equipment industry unsurpassed for quality and durability and here at LiftingSafety we offer Kito hand operated Monorail hoists to the UK and our overseas customers. Kito are not the cheapest though they do have the reputation of being one of the best hand chain hoist makes.

Kito’s standard range of monorail trolley mounted lifting hoists are available from 500kg to 30,000kg (30 tonne) though we can supply 40 tonne and over as special manufactured bespoke monorail hoists. LiftingSafety supply Kito manual monorail hoists with a push travel or geared travel trolley in heights of lift to suit our customers’ requirements. 

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