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Yale Yalelift 360 ITP SR ATEX Hand Chain Hoist with Monorail Push Travel Trolley - Range from 500kg to 2000kg

Model:  Yalelift ITP SR / SRH-1122

YaleLift ITP Spark Resistant Hoist
Yalelift 360 ITP SR ATEX Hand Chain Hoist with Monorail Push Travel Trolley
Safe Working Load
To Suit Beam Type (see specifications)
Type A (50 - 180mm) Type B (180 - 300mm)
Height of Lift (m)
@ £59.00 (min:3) (3 included in price)

Unit Price £ 1352.00  
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Spark Resistant Chain Hoist with Integral Push Trolley.

YaleLift ITP Spark Resistant Hoist

Yalelift ITP SR Chain Hoist with Push Travel Trolley

Same as Yalelift 360 SR, But on a Push Trolley.

500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and 5000kg capacity options available.

This product is provided with the following for extra spark Protection:

  • Stainless steel hand chain.
  • Units completely corrosion resistant.
  • Bronze-plated suspension and load hooks.
  • Solid bronze trolley wheels.
  • Rubber Buffers.
  • Chain containers.

Spark Resistance:

In nearly all industrial areas, there are workplaces which need to be protected against explosions. Because of the great damage an explosion could cause to people, property and materials, strict legal and technical requirements are imposed. The Spark Resistant range of chain hoists helps to make the workplace a safer environment.

Yalelift ITP SR - Spark resistant hoists meet the following specifications as standard;

Classification Category of Equipment Inflammable Substances Explosion Group Temperature class*
Group II Surface (not mines) 2, Zone 1, 2 Gas, Zone 21, 22 Dust GD, Gas, Mist, Vapours, Dust IIB, Ethyl ether (T4), Ethylene oxide (T3), Hydrogen sulphide (T3) T4 (T3), T4 = 135°C,
T3 = 200°c

Corrosion protection

  • Corrosion starts on the surface of components due to reaction of environmental influences. This affects the mechanical properties of the components, e.g. breaking strength and total ultimate elongation.
  • Many components are supplied in black (unmachined),bright (machined) or painted condition.
  • This offers certain protection but does not protect against corrosion.
  • With the application of a protective coating, the onset of corrosion can be delayed, thus extending the service life of the treated components.

Typical applications:

Paint factories, foundries, workshops, on and offshore refineries, oil depots, electroplating, automobile factories, on ships and docks, printers, textile and paper industries, food industries, glass and ceramic industries, wood working industries and hardening shops etc.

More Information:

The combination of the Yalelift 360 with a low headroom manual trolley provides even more flexibility in the application of the Yalelift 360.

  • All units of this series upto a capacity of 3000kg are provided with a single chain fall and the minimum headroom has been further reduced. Ideal for applications with low ceiling and limited headroom.
  • The manual trolley is adjsutable to fit a wide range of beam profiles (e.g. INP, IPE, IPB). Depending on the beam flange width, an adjustment up to 300mm can be made easily.
  • The trolley wheels are designed for a maximum beam profile incline of 14% (DIN 1025 - part 1), excellent rolling features are guaranteed by pre-lubricated, encapsulated ball bearings.
  • Anti-tilt and anti-drop devices are standard.
  • A subsequent conversion of a Yalelift 360 into a Yalelift IT with integrated trolley is easily possible at any time.


Paint shops, foundries, petrochemical industries, refineries, automobile factories, ships, docks, printers, textile plants, paper factories and environments where gas and dust is present.

Capacity (SWL) Fall of load chain Lifting height (m) Beam Width Closed height (mm)
Type A (mm) Weight (kg) Type B (mm) Weight (kg)
500kg 1 3 50 - 180 20 180 - 300 21 245
1000kg 1 3 50 - 180 27
180 - 300 29 272
2000kg 1 3 58 - 180 44 180 - 300 46 323
Discontinued - 3000kg 1 3 74 - 180 77 180 - 300 79 382
Discontinued - 5000kg 2 3 98 - 180 125 180 - 300 129 550

LiftingSafety Review:
Basically this is a range of Yale spark resistant, certified hand chain hoists with integrated push travel trolley that we offer at very competitive prices. Often these hoists are used offshore though they are also used in heavy industry where there is potentially explosive atmosphere present. Contact us for a discounted quote!
Yalelift_Atex_Operating Manual .pdf

Yale Atex Operating Manual

Operating and safety information.
(approx. 1.1Mb)

Technical Specifications.

(approx. 1.3Mb)

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