Protecta Steel Rope Auto Descenders

Quick Ref: CN-1668


Inclined Plane Descender from 30 to 60 Degrees. Standard EN341. This unit provides an evacuation solution for use on inclined planes (sloping cables) from 30° to 60° from the horizontal axis. The recommended Angle for use is 45°, which provides an escape or rescue route, whilst avoiding most obstacles, whether it be an oil derrick fire, a mountain rescue situation, or any other application where vertical descent is not a viable option. This System requires a load bearing system to be installed, and is to be used alongside an AG300 Evacuation Carriage. As this is designed as an installed system, although we can price individual components, we are not able to offer on-line pricing for the whole system. Please contact our sales team on 01977684600 or through our on-line contact form for a quote to your specification. System

Steel Wire Rope Auto Descender. Standard NF EN341 class C With its alternative method of functioning, the Protecta Bimatic Descender allows the successive evacuation of multiple people from a hazardous area, without a loss of time. As one evacuee reaches the ground, another user can be connected to the opposite end of the rope, allowing continuous evacuation. Available in galvanised (general purpose) or stainless steel (marine use) rope cores and housing. Available in lengths of 5m to 100m. Alternating Direction Automatically regulated Descender Evacuation of heights from 5 to 100m, depending on cable length. With Galvanised or Stainless Steel Cable. Supplied with 2 Evacuation Straps. Speed of descent is controlled to 1.2m/s. Maximum load of 136kg. Weight of descender (no cable) is 3.6kg.

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