Miller Rescue Triangles and Slings

Quick Ref: CN-1678


Emergency Rescue Sling. Complies with EN1497.

Emergency Rescue Sling has foam padding making it very comfortable for casualties. The chest strap can be undone and fitted around the casualty while remaining attached to the rescue system. Adjustable legs allow any angle of casualty lift. 2 additional attachment rings regulate the size for smaller casualties.

Miller Fully Adjustable Evacuation & Rescue Triangle (Rescue Nappy).

The rescue triangle is simple to use and suitable for casualty rescue and for emergency evacuation from height, its use is very popular because it is cost effective compared to many other options. The rescue triangle is fully adjustable for adults and children.

Miller Rescue Triangle for Emergency Evacuation from Height

Miller Fully Adjustable Evacuation & Rescue Triangle (Rescue Nappy).

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