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Miller Rescue Triangle for Emergency Evacuation from Height

Model:  MRT-2158

Miller Rescue Triangle for Emergency Evacuation
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Miller Fully Adjustable Evacuation & Rescue Triangle (Rescue Nappy).

Rescue triangle suspended

Suitable for short-duration rescue and evacuation operations of an uninjured casualty in a sitting position for comfort.


Compact- Easy to transport and simple.
Comfortable- The rescue triangle maintains the person in an upright seated position for greater reassurance

Universal- The rescue triangle is fully adjustable for adults and children.

Technical Specification

  • Weight: 0.640kg
  • Webbing Raw Material: 40% polyester, 60% polyamide
  • Webbing Width: 45mm
  • Breaking Strength: >2000 daN

Certification & Conformity

  • EC Category PPE: Class 3
  • Standards: EN1498
  • European Directive: 89/686/EEC
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 / 2000
  • EC Certification Number: 333 AFAQ
  • EC Attestation Number: 00.6.0271
  • Laboratory: APAVE Lyonnaise
Rescue triangle front and back
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