Miller Synthetic Rope Auto Descenders

Quick Ref: CN-1650
Miller Synthetic Rope Auto Descenders

Miller's Elite Auto Descender Rescue Device with Hoist (Hand Wheel) with Rope Lengths from 20 to 180m. The Miller SafEscape offers greater cost savings over most other manufacturers of similar emergency escape / rescue descenders. Re certification by a Miller Service Point is required only after seven years (subject to being unused) thanks to its robust and highly resistant components. This reduces down time and lowers the cost of ownership. Users must comply with training requirements recommended by the original equipment manufacturer and this is where big potential cost savings can be achieved up to over £1000.00 for initial training! Most other manufacturers also recommend refresher training every couple of years - even more cost! Available with lengths ranging from 20 to 180m.
Elite Auto Descender Evacuation Device. The Miller SafEscape offers Greater cost savings over other manufacturers similar emergency escape descenders; the Re certification by a Miller Service Point is required only after seven years if un-used, this reduces down time and lowers the cost of ownership; in reality it saves approximately £80.00 - £100.00 per year + carriage costs (both ways) and also saves down time while the descenders are off site ; IE no back-up needed. Only minimal training is required that can usually be delivered by the employer saving potentially thousands of pounds if external trainers are used. also then saving re-training costs every couple of years.
Miller Emergency Evacuation & Self Rescue Descender RG10 Automatic Descender up to 300m. Complies with EN341.

This ready to use evacuation kit is suitable for evacuation or lowering a casualty unaccompanied to the ground. Kit contains RG10 Automatic Self Descender and Ropes from : 75m-300m (in 25m increments).  Maximum descent speed of 0.8m/s and can be manually slowed by the rescuer. Optional Anchorage sling (1.2 m). Practical and waterproof storage bag. Quick, simple and excellent value for money
This unit can be used to rescue a casualty, controlling the speed of descent; however there is no facility to raise a casualty

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