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Manual Lever Action Tipping "Easyfill Scoop" Fork Lift Truck Attachment. Materials Lifting Bucket. 200 Litre to 500 Litres - Range from 1250kg to 1750kg

Model:  ESA-627

Fork Lift Truc Easyfill Scoop
Manual Lever Action Tipping Easyfill Scoop / Bucket


Part N° Capacity (Cubic Metres) Min. Truck Capacity Bucket Width (mm) Bucket Height (mm) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
627-T12570 0.20 1250kg 800 505 209 £  1585.00
627-T12571 0.25 1250kg 1000 505 216 £  1680.00
627-T12572 0.40 1750kg 1000 608 262 £  1820.00
627-T12573 0.50 1750kg 1250 608 319 £  1920.00
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Easyfill Scoop Fork Truck Attachment from 200 litre to 500 litres or 1.25 tonne to 1.75 tonne

This Easyfill forklift scoop is the builder's merchants first choice and is ideally suited for handling sand, gravel and aggregate. With it's compact design, easy filling characteristics and good manoeuvrability, the Easyfill forklift scoop has been at the service of many of our customers for the last 40 years.

Manufactured from robust and durable heavy duty thick steel, a unique characteristic of our Easyfill scoop is the radius profile to the rear portion of the bucket. The radius design provides the added benefit of allowing material to discharge from the bucket even when wet.

The under slung design of this builders merchants favourite also ensures the scoops centre of gravity is kept as close to the forklift truck as possible to help combat any loss in forklift de-ration

  • Radius design to the rear of the bucket which eliminates material from getting clogged on discharge when wet.
  • Under-slung bucket below forklift forks brings the scoop closer to the forklift mast, therefore allowing for smaller forklifts with smaller lifting capacities to be used.
  • Strong compact design for durability and long service life.
  • Free standing design allows for quick fitment  on and off the forklift, thus reducing downtime and standing time.
  • Simple mechanical operation offers low maintenance requirements and lower servicing costs.
  • Large 'T' screw retention to ensure a safe and secure fitting to the forklift truck.
  • 'CE' marked.
Fork Lift Manual Bucket Scoop


Part No. Capacity (Cubic Metres) Min. Truck Capacity Max. Fork Size (mm) Fork Spread (mm) Bucket Width (mm) Bucket Height (mm) C of G Weight (kg)
627-T12570 0.2 1250kg 150 x 60 910 800 505 560 209
627-T12571 0.25 1250kg 150 x 60 910 1000 505 580 216
627-T12572 0.4 1750kg 150 x 60 910 1000 608 600 262
627-T12573 0.5 1750kg 150 x 60 910 1250 608 620 319

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