Lifting Safety Compressed Air Hoists, Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Quick Ref: CN-1713

LiftingSafetys' pneumatic tube hoist is a wire rope lifting hoist that allows the user to use the tube of the hoist to connect to anchorage point above the item to be lifted with the rigid tube elevating the need to anchor the hoist to the floor. It's much the same as using a pulley and anchoring the hoist to the floor except it's safer and quicker. We offer these in the following 3 capacities: 250kg at 9m HOL, 500kg at 4.5 metre HOL and 750kg at 3 metre HOL.

Lifting Safety Compressed Air Hoists, Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Extremely portable and light-weight pole hoist ideal for confined space hoisting. Up to 9m HOL dependant on SWL.

Ideal for use in confined spaces because of the low headroom design allowing the lifting wire rope hoist to be used in very tight spaces that conventional lifting equipment can not fit. Just one tube hoist can be a simple solution for replacing several lifting and handling devices to the portability.

Features: Light in weight, alternative speed of lift, automatic fail-safe braking system, 2-speed manual operation for minimal operator effort. Speed governed descent allows smooth, effortless precise lowering. Fast for light loads, slow for heavy loads.

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