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Non Marking, adjustable Drum Grab Fork truck Attachment. For Drums from 460mm to 585mm Diameter - 700kg

Model:  AGDG-559

Auto Grip Drum Grab
Non Marking, Adjustable Drum Grab Fork Truck Attachment.
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Heavy-duty automatic gripping drum grab fork truck attachment.

Auto Grip Drum Grab

700kg SWL

  • Heavy duty drum grab with bonded rubber liner in each jaw.
  • Gives a positive grip without marking the drum.
  • Jaws Adjust manually to fit drums or cylinders from 460mm to 585mm diameter.


Max SWL (kg) Drum Types No. of Drums Max Fork Size Fork Spread (mm) *Lost Load Centre C of G (min) (mm) Weight (kg)
700kg 1 and 2
1 140 x 50 800 130 305 57

Drum Types

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