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Non Marking, adjustable Drum Grab Fork truck Attachment. For Drums from 460mm to 585mm Diameter - 700kg

Model:  AGDG-559

Auto Grip Drum Grab
Non Marking, Adjustable Drum Grab Fork Truck Attachment.
Guide Price £ 940.24  

Heavy-duty automatic gripping drum grab fork truck attachment.

With this auto grip drum grab with adjustable (18" to 28" diameter) rubber lined 'jaws', complete drum handling is offered and marking and scratching is also kept to a minimum by having the jaws rubber bonded.

The rubber bonding to the inside of the jaw arms means cylindrical objects can also be lifted without the necessity for ribs, ridges or lips for the drum handler to locate onto.

700kg SWL

  • Heavy duty drum grab with bonded rubber liner in each jaw.
  • Gives a positive grip without marking the drum.
  • Jaws Adjust manually to fit drums or cylinders from 460mm to 585mm diameter.
Auto Grip Drum Grab


Max SWL (kg) Drum Types No. of Drums Max Fork Size Fork Spread (mm) *Lost Load Centre C of G (min) (mm) Weight (kg)
700kg 1 and 2 1 140 x 50 800 130 305 57

Drum Types

Drum Types

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