Steel Drum Forkilft Mounted Drum Attachments

Quick Ref: CN-1482


Fork Mounted Drum Grab with 2 Drum Options.

The entry level drum grab has been designed especially for the handling of steel drums with rolling hoops. It is a very simple to use fully automatic operation, which has quick slide two position adjustment to allow handling of 210 litre steel drums with rolling hoops or 210/220 L or XL plastic drums. This drum handler is designed for handling 210 litre steel oil drums with rolling hoops, where contents have high mass to volume ratios, such as powders, metals, etc.

Rim Grip Drum Handler with 1 or 2 Drum Options.

The drum handler to choose for handling drums packed tightly together. This model is available with a mild steel frame and a zinc plated head as standard, which is suitable for most applications. It is also manufactured completely from stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use in the food and drink processing industry. Rubber Cushioned support base available. Suitable for all drums including fibreboard. Reduces damage to drums.

Single or Double Carriage Mounted Drum Grab Fork Truck Attachment. This forklift drum grab is available in two capacities covering single drum and twin drum options these capacities are 500kg and 1000kg. They fit directly on the carriage in place of the truck forks and can be the perfect attachment if the truck is dedicated to drum handling or room to turn is restricted. Specifically designed for use with 210 / 220 litre (45 gallon) steel drums with rolling hoops.

Raised Drum Grab Fork Truck Attachment with 1 or 2 Drum Options.

This drum grab allows the handling of both steel and L or XL Ring plastic drums. The raised position of the arms gives improved visibility and increases lift for the plastic drums. Simple side action adjustment allows switching between both styles of drums.

Fork Mounted Drum Tines with 1, 2 and 3 Drum Options.

This is designed specifically for simple stacking and unstacking of horizontally positioned 210 litre steel drums. Available for use with either 1, 2 or 3 Drums at a time.

Drum Lifting Device.

This may be fitted under a fork mounted hook, fork or carriage mounted jib, or under an overhead or lorry mounted crane. This is semi-automatic in operation. This drum lifter is used for picking up 210 litre drums of the tight-head or open topped steel varieties. Simple but effective drum handling.

Fork Mounted Drum Rotator with various operation methods and to suit 210l Steel or 210 / 220l 'L' and 'XL' Plastic Drums

This slides on the fork blades of a forklift truck, designed to handle 210 steel drums. The drum is fixed directly on to the attachment using a steel over-centre clamp. Fitted with a heavy duty gearbox for precise and controlled pouring. Rotation can be carried out either by a Crank handle (below shoulder height operation) or a Continuous loop chain (above shoulder height operation) or Hydraulics.

Crane Slung or Fork Mounted Drum Rotator.

A crane slung drum rotator attachment, with fork pockets for alternative use on a forklift truck. Designed to pour a liquid from one 110 litre to another. Rotation can be manually operated by Crank handle or a Continuous loop chain. The drum is fixed in via a single ratchet and webbing strap.

Drum Rotator with a choice of operation types (loop chain/crank handle).

The gearbox allows a full 360 degrees rotation and precision controlled pouring. The drum is fixed to the attachment by a single webbing harness and ratchet. Designed for manually controlled rotation for the 110 litre steel drums. Slides simply onto the forks of a forklift truck. Available with either a Crank Handle or Loop Chain.

Heavy duty crane slung or fork mounted drum rotator with loop chain or crank handle operation.

This is a heavy duty steel girdle fitted with two over centre clamps ensuring the drums are gripped firmly at all times. A heavy duty version of the crane-slung drum rotator, designed purposely for handling 210 litre steel drums, containing heavy products such as powder, scrap, lead steel components. Can come with Crank Handle or Loop Chain.

Crane Slung or Fork Mounted Drum Rotator with optional clamping methods (over centre clamp/twin harness).

Universally flexible this rotator can either be mounted directly onto truck forks via fork pockets or can be slung under a hook or crane. Ideal for use where trucks and emptying heights can be variable. Will handle Steel or L Ring Plastic Drums, this drum rotator allows a complete 360 degrees rotation in either direction. Rotation is achieved by means of a crank handle.

Crane Slung or Fork Mounted Drum Rotator.

Crane Slung Drum Rotators are designed for controlled manual rotation of 210 litre drums, the attachment is slung under a crane, small fork pockets are fitted for use with a forklift truck. The gearbox allows controlled pouring and rotation through a full 360 degrees. Variations of girdle types are available to suit either steel or plastic drums. There is also a model for heavier drums of powder, scrap etc. As well as a model to suit 110 litre drums.

Crane Slung or Fork Mounted Universal Drum Rotator.

This is the perfect solution for the rotation of drums where the drums you are using are of mixed variety. Designed to handle any type of drum including fibre, plastic or steel, in 110 or 210 litre sizes. Can be used on a fork truck or overhead crane. Available in 4 drum types : Steel Drum, L Ring Plastic, Fibre (110 litre) and Egg Shaped Plastic Drum. Each is available with Crank Handle or Loop Chain.

Drum Dumper Fork Truck Attachment.

This is used in conjunction with 210 litre steel drums, this attachment offers an efficient solution for containment and removal of scrap steel or swarf from a workshop. Steel drums can be picked upward from alongside machines, transported to the trash skip and dumped without any manual handling. Grips the drum tightly using an over-centre steel clamp and girdle. This is ideal for drum dumping.

Sideways Rotation Drum Rotator with optional operation types (loop chain, crank handle or hydraulics).

This is the ideal attachment for narrow-aisle operation, designed to slide on to the forks of a fork truck, fixed positively into the attachment using a steel over-centre clamp. Available with many different options : Single steel drum with crank handle, loop chain or hydraulic. Twin steel or plastic drum with crank handle, loop chain or hydraulic.

Fork Mounted Drum Positioner with 1 or 2 Drum Options

This is a unique means of manipulating drums from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa without leaving the seat of the fork truck. Completely mechanical in operation, it can be used for transporting drums and for unloading and loading vehicles, drum stands, drum racks etc. This is the ideal attachment for advanced drum positioning.

Drum and Bin Rotator.

This is designed for use in areas where drums and wheelie bins are used, this drum rotator has a special girdle that allows both to be clamped around their mid points and rotated. It can be rotated by means of either a Crank handle or Loop chain. Can handle 210 litre drums and 120/240 litre wheelie bins. The Bin/Drum is located in the girdle by a ratchet and webbing strap.

Heavy-duty automatic gripping drum grab fork truck attachment.

This heavy duty grum grip has a bonded rubber lining in each jaw, giving positive grip without marking the drum. The jaws can be adjusted manually to fit the drums or cylinders from 460mm to 585mm diameter.

Multi-Grip drum handler for transportation and dumping of drums.

This is fork mounted and runs off a double action hydraulic service on the truck. The multi-grip features hydraulic gripping as well as dumping capabilities and allows easily controlled forward dumping up to 125 degrees. May be supplied with two different sets of rubber-lined jaws for handling steel and fibre drums. Can come with either a standard jaw which holds only steel drums, or a Giant jaw which can hold L Ring plastic, Fibre 110 litre, or Egg shaped plastic drums.

Max-e-Grip Drum Handler with 1 or 2 Drum Options.

This is a single function hydraulically operated drum grip designed for steel drums only and for stacking drums vertically. Has rubber lined jaws allowing handling of drums between 305mm and 600mm, also gives the operator the choice to be able to handle drums over rough terrain. Lift truck powered requiring that the truck is fitted with an auxiliary valve.

Stainless Steel Drum Grab with 1 or 2 Drum Options.

The entry level drum grab designed solely for handling steel drums with rolling hoops. Ideal for use with low to medium volume movement of drums around the factory or store. This is manufactured entirely from stainless steel and has a fully automatic operation. Available for use with Steel Drum or L Ring Plasting drum.

Capstan Drum Rotator.

This is a simple and effective way to turn over a 210 litre steel drum allowing the contents to be emptied. Operated by a detachable handle, Designed with the sole purpose to handle full drums only.

Stainless Steel Forklift Mounted Rim Grip Drum Handler with 1, 2 and 3 Drum Options.

This is a drum handler designed for handling drums that are packed tightly together, its ideal for stuffing and de-stuffing containers and is suitable for use on rough terrain. May be used with 120 or 210 litre drums of steel or L ring plastic types. Made completely from Stainless Steel, which makes it suitable for use in the food and drink processing industry.

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