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Top Mount Fork Truck Mounted (and Crane slung) Drum Rotator. Rotation Types: loop chain, crank handle or hydraulics - 360kg

Model:  DR-571

Crank Handle Crane Slung Drum Rotator
Hand Chain Crane Slung Drum Rotator
Crank Handle Drum Rotation Loop Chain Drum Rotation


Part N° Max SWL Max Fork Size (mm) Method of Operation Drum Type Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
571-T12235 360kg 140 x 50 Crank Handle 1 90 Quote Required
571-T12236 360kg 140 x 50 Crank Handle 1, 2 92 £  1080.00
571-T12237 360kg 140 x 50 Hydraulic 1 111 Quote Required
571-T12238 360kg 140 x 50 Hydraulic 1, 2 113 £  3100.00
571-T12239 360kg 140 x 50 Loop Chain 1 96 Quote Required
571-T12240 360kg 140 x 50 Loop Chain 1, 2 94 £  1170.00
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Crane Slung or Fork Mounted Drum Rotator.

Our popular Crane Slung Drum Rotator is designed to offer controlled pouring and transport of drums. In order to pick up a drum, set the girdle to its horizontal position by using the handle or chain fitted to the geared turning box./gearbox. The lifting yoke must then be positioned at a height such that the girdle fits between the drums centre most rolling hoops. Once securely fastened the drum can be lifted to pouring height and rotation can commence again by means of the handle or chain fitted to the gearbox. The gearbox will lock the drum at any angle during tipping.


Designed primarily for sitting under an overhead crane for decanting the contents of 210 litre steel drums.

  • Rotation is by means of a crank handle or continuous loop chain, through a heavy duty gearbox.
  • The drum locks positively into the attachment using a single over-centre clamp and steel girdle.
  • Fitted with fork pockets for alternative use with a fork lift truck.
  • Rotation is carried out by means of a crank handle (for below shoulder operation), a hand chain (for operation above shoulder height) or by hydraulic operation (using a hydraulic motor to replace the handle chain that is connected to the aux valve on the truck.)
  • Supplied without hoses.

Additional Information

Crane Slung Drum Rotators are designed for controlled manual rotation of 210 litre drums, the attachment is slung under a crane, small fork pockets are fitted for use with a forklift truck. The gearbox allows controlled pouring and rotation through a full 360 degrees. Variations of girdle types are available to suit either steel or plastic drums. There is also a model for heavier drums of powder, scrap etc. As well as a model to suit 110 litre drums.

Fork Mounted Drum Rotator



Dimensional Drawing

Part No. Capacity No. of Drums Drum Type Type of Operation 'A' Load Centre 'B' Fork Spread 'C' Fork Spread 'D' Fork Thickness Weight (kg) C of G
571-12235 360kg 1 1 Crank Handle 818mm 707mm 140mm 60mm 90kg 50mm
571-12236 360kg 1 1 Loop Chain 818mm 707mm 140mm 60mm 96kg 50mm
571-12237 360kg 1 1 & 2 Crank Handle 818mm 707mm 140mm 60mm 92kg 50mm
571-12238 360kg 1 1 & 2 Loop Chain 818mm 707mm 140mm 60mm 98kg 50mm
571-12239 200kg 1 1 Crank Handle 688mm 547mm 140mm 60mm 85kg 50mm
571-12240 200kg 1 1 Loop Chain 688mm 547mm 140mm 60mm 90kg 50mm


Drum Types

Drum Types


Drum Rotator Information

PDF of Crane Slung and Fork Mounted Drum Rotator Information
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