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Fork Mounted Small Wheelie Bin Handler - 200kg or 90 Litre to 240 Litres

Model:  SWBH-545

Fork Truck Wheelie Bin Emptier
Part N° Capacity (kg) Max Fork Size (mm) Fork Spread (mm) Wheelie Bin Type Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
545-T12049 200kg 145 x 60 507 90-240 litre 65 £  880.00
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Small Wheelie Bin Handler.

Bin Tipped Up to Empty Position

This unique attachment allows wheelie bins to be picked up, rotated and emptied into a skip or container.

The bin is picked up via the rear handles and pull cord attached to the wheel; The other end is fed through a winch, which is located on the truck cab.

When the mast is raised and/or the winch is operated the rear end of the wheelie bin is pivoted upwards to allow the lid to open and the contents discharged.

The winch/ pulley mechanism can be mounted on either the left or right depending on the offset of the fork truckseat.

Wheelie bins are a very popular choice for waste handling in the working environment. While their lightweight mobile design can make positioning and moving over short distances easier, it is often difficult to dispense the contents into a larger waste container ready for collection. This is where our wheelie bin handling attachments come in.

  • Supplied complete with locating stand.
  • Only suitable for small wheelie bins and handling of light waste.
  • This attachment is ideal for the handling, dumping or emptying of wheelie bins.

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