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Fork Truck Mounted (and Crane Mounted) "Semi Automatic" Drum Lifting Device - 500kg or 1000kg

Model:  SADT-552

Fork Mounted (and Crane Mounted) Semi Autoimatic Drum Lifting Device


Part N° Capacity Weight (kg) Drum Types Guide Price Quantity
552-T9138 500kg 26 1 £  505.00
552-T9139 1000kg 33 1, 2 £  590.00
552-T9140 500kg 28 4 £  690.00
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Drum Lifting Device.

Suitable for either 210 litre steel drums or 210 litre plastic mauser drums this semi automatic drum lifter with mild steel construction and  painted in high gloss yellow for added visibility.

The lifting device allows drums to be picked up from the overhead vertical position via a forklift truck (yoke required) or slung beneath an overhead crane hook making it the ideal drum handler for when drums are inaccessible for lifting from the side.

When the lifting tongs are positioned over the drum, a manual release lever will allow for the drum lifting tongs to locate and lock underneath the lip of the drum, allowing for safe and secure drum lifting. Re-setting of the lever when the drum is positioned back on the ground, allows the drum lifting tongs to unlock and release their grip of the drum.

  • Grips drums under the top lip reduces investment as this drum lifter will suit most drums.
  • Single lifting eye on top for forklift truck use or crane use, allowing flexibility through use of different plant machinery.
  • Lightweight construction allows drum lifter to be easily handled, reducing labour time.
  • Positive gripping to drum ensures drums can be picked up safely and easily, reducing manual handling costs & increasing Health & Safety.
  • 'CE' marked.
Semi Automatic Drum Lifting Device

Drum Types

Drum Types

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