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Tractel "TUP" Man-riding Tirfor Wire Rope Lifting Winch, Hoist For People And Access Platforms - 600kg, 1200kg or 2400kg

Model:  Tractel TU6P TU12P TU24P / MT-2708

Manriding Tirfor
Tractel TUP Tirfor - 600kg, 1200kg, 2400kg
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Manual cable hoist for lifting persons. Models TU6P TU12P TU24P

This range of manriding certified Tirfors are available in three different sized, 600kg, 1200kg and 2400kg capacity. The capacity selected will be to suit the lifting platform in which they are to be used and the number of people / tools and equipment to be lifted.

These 'Man riding' lifting machines must be used with a secondary safety device such as the Blockstop fall arrest device to be fitted to a separate / independent rope; thus providing a fall arrest plan. Consideration must also be made to have a rescue plan in place.

Standard Tractel Tirfor TU8, TU16 and TU32 machines and ropes must not be used for the lifting of persons.

Introduction and description of the equipment : Tirfor Machine

The TIRFOR machine is a portable hoisting device, through which the wire rope passes. It performs all the functions of a hoist.

Its originality lies in the traction principle used on the wire rope. Instead of being wound round a reeler, as with conventional winches, the wire rope is in a straight line held by two jaws, which act like two hands, pulling it up or helping to lower it. The mechanism automatically grips the wire ropes.

Manriding Tirfor


Hoist Model TU6P TU12P TU24P
TSA Code 0084 995 0166 995 0323 995
BLOCSTOP model used 16 301 20 301 35 30
TSA Code 0251 912 0253 915 025 6914
Working Load Limit kg 600 1200 2400
Weight of hoist:
Machine kg 8.4 18.0 27.0
Telescopic handle kg 1.0 2.4 2.4
Weight of BLOCSTOP
Device kg 4.0 6.0 9.7
Dimensions of hoist:
Length mm 527 660 676
Height mm 265 330 330
Width mm 108 140 156
Handle (closed/extended) mm 51/77 68/119 68/119
Dimensions of BLOCSTOP:
Length mm 173 22 313
Height mm 287 345 395
Width mm 75 75 90
Distance between wire ropes mm 95 95 207
TIRFOR original wire rope:
Diameter mm 8.3 11.5 16.3
Guaranteed breaking load daN 4800 9600 19600
Number of strands   5 or 6 5 or 6 5 or 6

Complete TIRFOR Brochure

More information on the Tractel Tirfor range.
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manriding_tirfor_o-m .pdf

Operations manual

Full detailed information about tirfor man-riding cable pulling machines.
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