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Tractel "Evak 500" Synthetic Rope Manual Operation Rescue Winch - Unlimited Rope Length

Model:  Tractel 023498 / MRW-2212

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Tractel Evak 500 Synthetic Rope Manual Operation Rescue Winch

Tractel Eval 500 12.5mm Static Braided Rope for Evak 500  

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Tractel Evak 500 Rope Winch with Unlimited Length of Rope.

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The EVAK 500 is a manual winch-hoist for lifting and pulling applications up to a capacity of 500Kg, having been specially designed for the emergency rescue services. It is intended for use by professional rescuers, and particularly the mountain rescue services.

Specifically designed for ease of handling, operation and transport, the unit is particularly compact and extremely lightweight (6 kg). Its overall size is greatly reduced by incorporating a folding operating handle. Even long lengths of textile rope are easy to handle and store, weighing up to two and a half times less than wire rope.

This unit can be optionally supplied with 12.5mm static braided rope in 20m, 40m, 60m, 80m , 100m and 200m lengths.   


  • The EVAK 500 can even be fitted to a rope which is already tensioned.
  • The operating principle uses the textile rope passing through two jaws (1), which alternately grip and pull the rope (6). A shear pin (4) prevents overload of the machine and damage to the rope.
  • The EVAK 500 is well protected against corrosion, using anodised aluminium and galvanised steel.

The EVAK 500 has been designed to be used exclusively by professionals who have been fully trained in safety and rescue procedures. For lifting people, an additional safety device fitted to a separate rope should also be used so that in the event of any incident the safety device operates automatically and the person is held safely. Please note that this safety device is not supplied with the EVAK 500.


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