Tractel Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

Quick Ref: CN-1581

Tractel offers a great selection of man-riding hoists with options for both electric powered and manual lifting operation. Manriding hoists are for lifting both people and systems carrying people. They are used to gain access or egress while working at height and also used for rescue application, either after a fall or emergency evacuation. The Tractel Tirak Electric man-riding wire rope hoists are available with many options including overload alarm, limit switches, cable coiling drums etc. Tractel manual man-riding and rescue hoists are available with steel wire rope and synthetic rope dependant on the user application. Please contact our sales team for information or advice.


Tractel Evak 500 Rope Winch with Unlimited Length of Rope.

Specifically designed for ease of handling, operation and transport, the unit is particularly compact and extremely lightweight (6 kg). Its overall size is greatly reduced by incorporating a folding operating handle. Even long lengths of textile rope are easy to handle and store, weighing up to two and a half times less than wire rope. The EVAK 500 has been designed to be used exclusively by professionals who have been fully trained in safety and rescue procedures

Manual cable hoist for lifting persons. Models TU6P TU12P TU24P Tractel Manriding Tirfor cable hoist certified for lifting people. This range of man-riding certified Tirfors are available in three different sizes, 600kg, 1200kg and 2400kg capacity. The capacity selected will be to suit the lifting platform in which they are to be used and the number of people/tools and equipment to be lifted. These 'Man-riding' lifting machines must be used with a secondary safety device such as the Blockstop fall arrest device to be fitted to a separate/independent rope; thus providing a fall arrest plan. Consideration must also be made to have a rescue plan in place.

Manriding Winch Includes a Bracket for Fixing to the Tracpode Tripod, Safe Working Load 250Kg

The Carol rescue winch satisfies all rupture and endurance test requirements as per standard EN13157.It is designed for use with the Tractel Tracpode Tripod. The optional 5mm cable is available in 20m or 30m lengths. The carol winch can be used for work in suspension, if a second safety fall arrest is used. Tractel Carol Rescue Winch Datasheet. A Variable-length control crank handle (6 adjustment positions) allows the user to either apply maximum control force, or perform rapid cranking for small loads or rewinding. The Self-locking crank handle adjustment knob offers maximum user comfort and safety and allows for the adjusting of the crank handle or removal of it to prevent operation of the winch.


Manriding Winch Includes a Bracket for Fixing to the Tracpode Tripod, Safe Working Load 250Kg

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