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Tractel "Jockey J3 / J5" Tirfor Cable Puller for Lifting and Pulling Applications - 300kg or 500kg (Lifting Capacity)

Model:  Jockey J3 - J5 / TJ-3253

Tractel Jockey J3
Tractel Jockey J5
Tractel Jockey J3 Tractel Jockey J5
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Additional Wire rope (4.7mm) on reel

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Jockey winches are portable manual lifting and pulling hoists with Infinite HOL (Rope length)

The JOCKEY machine is a hand-operated lifting and pulling machine. It is versatile, portable and multipurpose, not only for pulling and lifting but also for lowering, tensioning and guying.

The originality of the TIRFOR machine is the principle of operation directly on the wire rope which passes  through the mechanism rather than being reeled onto a drum of a hoist or conventional winch. The pull is applied by means of two pairs of self energised jaws which exert a grip on the wire rope in proportion to the load being lifted or pulled. A telescopic operating lever fitted to either the forward or the reverse lever  transmits the effort to the jaw mechanism to give forward or reverse movement of the wire rope.

Ultira-lightweight and robust, easy to operate and maintain, can be used in numerous applications.

Jockey™ winches are portable manual hoists with maxiflex wire rope. They are light-weight and easy to carry. The winch can be installed quickly and is therefore suitable for occasional use; it is operated by a lever. Option: the load capacity of the device can be increased with sheave blocks.


  • Lifting Capacities: Models J3 (300kg) and (J5-500kg).
  • Low weight - quick installation.
  • Long wire rope length.
  • Easy to use.
  • Increase load capacity five-fold using sheave blocks.
  • Overload protection.
  • Precise load positioning within millimetres.
Tractel Jockey J5
Model SWL Weight of Unit (kg) Ø Special Jockey wire rope* (mm) Effort on handle (kg) Dimenisions L x l x W (mm)
Jockey J3 300 kg 1.75 4.5 12 320 x 200 x 40
Jockey J5 500 kg 3.75 6.5 20 370 x 215 x 55

*Cable travel per complete stroke (to and from) of the lever: 25mm, rope breaking load 3100 kg.

**These are supplied with operating handle, 10 m of wire rope and 2 slings.

The standard kit comprises a machine with its operating handle, a 10 m length of special Jockey wire rope fitted with a hook with safety catch and two wire rope slings, one 1m in length and the other 2 m in length. The equipment is contained in a sturdy carton for carrying and storing the kit. Other lengths of wire rope are available on special order.


Tractel Jockey J3 / J5 Operating Manual.

Full operating manual and dimensions including safety instructions.
(approx. 0.4Mb)

Tractel Jockey J3

Technical data sheet.
(approx. 0.1Mb)

Tractel Jockey J5

Technical data sheet.
(approx. 0.1Mb)

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