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LiftingSafety "High Capacity" Cable Puller Wire Rope Hoist for Lifting and Pulling Applications - Range from 800kg to 5350kg (Lifting capacity)

Model:  VCP-914

Wire Rope
Part N° Rated Lifting Capacity Hauling Speed per Stroke/Cycle Operational Effort at Rated Load Cable Breaking Strain Net Weight Winch only Guide Price Quantity
914-T7514 800kg 60mm 29kg 44.5kN 6kg £  195.00
914-T7515 1600kg 69mm 42kg 83.3kN 13kg £  275.00
914-T7516 3200kg 40mm 45kg 161kN 22kg £  456.00
914-T7517 5350kg 30mm 76kg 275kN 58kg £  980.00
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Tirfor Alternative with optional rope and lengths with unique 5.3 tonne lifting capacity.

Simple to use hand lever winches / hoists from 800kg to 5350kg lifting capacity.

This is one of the only manual Tirfor type machines that we are aware of which is capable of lifting 5.35 tonne on a single line wire rope without the use of a pulley to increase the capacity. Theoretical Maximum SWL with the use of a pulley is 10.7 tonne (10700kg). Built from High strength, compact material these quality, great value, lifting and pulling machines are suitable for use at virtually any angle, with an anchor belt supplied. Built in shearing pin overload protection with spare shearing pins supplied.

A parallel clamping system ensures evenly distributed grip on the wire rope resulting in less machine stress and wire rope wear than lower specification competitor products.


  • Lightweight manual winches - Simple and safe to operate.
  • Compact high-strength.
  • Corrosion free aluminium alloy housing - Steel version available on request (3200kg maximum capacity on steel units).
  • Usable at horizontal, vertical and angled working positions.
  • 20m steel wire with safety hook as standard.
  • Rope clamp system - Easily disengaged, allowing for smooth installation of wire rope.
  • Equipped with an anchor bolt - Offers numerous connection possibilities.
  • Overload protection - Built in with a shearing pin in the forward lever.
  • Spare shear pins - Located in the telescopic carrying handle.
  • Steel wire - Can be fed through two sets of wear resistant interlocking jaws by a single lever operation.
  • Parallel clamping system - With a large surface area, providing evenly distributed grip at a lower force, resulting in less rope wear.
  • Individually serial numbered for traceability.
  • Supplied with relevant certification.

Optional Wire Rope Lengths

An optional 20m wire rope can be supplied on all models as standard. Other rope lengths supplied as required with no maximum length.

800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg models.

Technical Specifications

Rated Lifting Capacity Hauling Speed per Stroke/Cycle Operational Effort at Rated Load Steel Wire Diameter Standard Cable Length Cable Breaking Strain Anchor Pin Diameter Net Weight Winch only Net Weight Wire Rope & Reel Max Sizes L x W x H
800kg 60mm 29kg 8.4mm 20m 44.5kN 22mm 6kg 7.5kg 428 x 65 x 230mm
1600kg 69mm 42kg 11.6mm 20m 83.3kN 25mm 13kg 12kg 545 x 97 x 260mm
3200kg 40mm 45kg 16.1mm 20m 161kN 30mm 22kg 25kg 660 x 116 x 320mm
5350kg 30mm 76kg 20mm 20m 275kN 40mm 58kg 38kg 940 x 180 x 380mm


  • These winches must not be used for the movement of personnel.
  • Data shown is approximate and intended as a guide only.
  • You are strongly advised to carry out a risk assessment before selecting a manual winch for any proposed application.
800kg to 5350kg.pdf

Technical Datasheet

Complete technical specifications sheet for this Value Cable Pulling Machine.
(approx. 0.9Mb)

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